You Have All the Love

You Have All The Love

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on YOUR recent missive:

“Now is the time to know there is no more love to get because you have it all.”  (2/22/13)

There are many times in our lives when we do not feel any love, much less having all the love we need. How do we feel this love in which “we have it all”? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


This refers to the spiritual love, not the human love. God’s love has no limits. Man’s love comes with conditions attached. Nothing ever stops the flow of God’s love. A human’s love is fickle. The person is created to be imperfect and judgmental, where nothing can stop the flow of God’s love. One is born with this love without any conditions of returning love or God even expecting to be acknowledged. Man does not realize he is a child of the Most High God.

How can God be concerned about one person in the mist of billions?

*It is like knowing an individual drop of water in the ocean and caring about its life force. This love was created for you before the beginning of time and lasts throughout eternity.

One “falls in love” and then falls out of love. Their true love disappoints and falls short of expectations, whereas the Creator has no expectations.

*Life on earth is a giant classroom for the souls, which is working on expanding its vibration range to absorb more God. A loving parent does not expect the child to be 100% perfect. The way one learns is through contrasts.

*The soul does not believe in mistakes for everything is a learning lesson.

God realizes that humans are discovering their true nature and that is the soul. There is no more love to earn nor can it be bought. Realize the truth.

*Life is a declaration of love and death is returning to this truth.

You are a living expression of love. The human aspect judges self worth and think they come up short in the eyes of God. This is the greatest illusion a human believes for man is love in expression for the soul.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little chalkboard.

Chalkboard’s value is to be able to erase mistakes and keep working on the problem. Chalkboards let a person know they do not have to be perfect.

Think of life as a chalkboard. Don’t be afraid to erase mistakes. To love life needs a chalkboard.