Please Help Us with Our Purpose in this Life

Please Help Us with Our Purpose in this Life

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us with our purpose in this life and the need to submit to God’s will.

In many species on earth there is a struggle for dominance.

A dog that rolls on its back and exposes its genitals has submitted to another dog.

You have informed us of our need to submit to the Lord.

Why do some people get what they want in life? Is there a technique to it? Can you give us a better understanding of submission? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


To submit to the Lord is to believe in the Higher Realm where only love is the byproduct.

The Creator is the only true parent of life.

Earth parents were chosen by the soul for certain traits to grow stronger in spiritual strength.

Some will thrive, others will stay focused on the past supposed injustices and stay in that loop.

Others imitate the behavior, not learning any different behavior and still others will shut down emotional energy.

Those that still point the finger at parent’s behavior have not gleaned the connection of the souls desire to deal with that specific issue.

What happens then?

The lesson will persist.

Other people might pick up the baton to help the soul have more opportunities to deal with this issue.

Observe the irritation caused by a parent.

Was it a control issue?

Can you see any areas in your own life where control is trying to be maintained and frustration is the byproduct when not accomplished?

*The point is that ego is trying to stop the human from removing the blinders and seeing firsthand the brilliance of the Almighty’s love waiting to be accepted.

As Nelson Mandela stated, one is not afraid of the darkness, but their light.

To submit to the Lord God is taking off this self -imposed blinder.

If a child receives a Christmas present but their brothers state it is a snake inside, so don’t open it, the boy fears the present even though it is from his parents.

*Until one is willing to let go of the illusion of the falsehood that the Most High causes anything other than unconditional love, the shackles of martyrdom and sadness remain their constant companion.

When one fully comprehends the bigger picture containing the spiritual realm and you are actually being driven by a souls agenda, not God’s, one takes full responsibility for life’s drama.

Your soul wrote the script, not the Almighty.

The human nature or ego sets up roadblocks and detours to try and slow progress.

When one fully realizes being stuck in the semantics of the verbiage that words like “submit” and “surrender” hold, they can choose to break free of this weight that is holding them back.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome “seeker of the light”.

You can maintain a sense of joy no matter the circumstances.

We hold you in the circle of unconditional love.

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