Understanding Human Nutrition Needs

Understanding Human Nutrition Needs

Dear Wisdom,

Please give us a better understanding of human nutrition needs.

The field of nutrition is rich in controversy.

One expert claims we must eat only raw plant food.

Another claims no fruit is acceptable.

For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert to argue the point.

The public is understandably confused.

Please bring some clarity to the field of nutrition and bring some focus on a diet that would be healthy.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Every human being is different.

There is no diet that addresses everyone’s needs.

There are eating habits that harmonize with a select group.

They tend to decide all will benefit from their chosen path.

Many vectors need to be taken into account.

Was the DNA damage by outside influence such as pathogens injected into the human envelope?

Were they born with a compromised gut?

Is there unique vibration affected by certain food energy?

Many factors need to be taken into the equation for fine-tuning a diet that will assist in optimal health.

Ancestry is an issue, along with eating man made food.

Much of this venue lacks the building blocks the human vessel requires.

Some people can eat anything they wish until death.

Food was not part of the souls lessons tool.

A wise nutritionist knows all diets might help a few people, but a few diets do not help all people.

The mucus-less diet was and is beneficial for those with gut compromises.

Especially where the bowels are having problems with elimination.

Remember the theory was designed with illness being the goal to heal.

That road was anchored in the gut.

The fruit fast has had benefits in some people’s systems.

It also triggers the bladder to void more often because of issues dealing with the bladder and kidneys.

Some could benefit with a week fast and judge for themselves how the body reacts.

The muscles need protein to rebuild for there is a lacking of high-protein in just fruits.

Life is not black or white, good or bad.

Life is a sojourn of experiences.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little one, with the love and support throughout eternity.

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