How to Give Thanks Properly

How to Give Thanks Properly

Dear Wisdom,

As we enter a sacred time of the year, please help us to give thanks properly. Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated every November in which most people call it “turkey day” and most people overeat and watch a lot of football on TV.

Yet few people really indulge in the full meaning of the day of Thanksgiving. What is the purpose of Thanksgiving, not just for a day, but for a lifetime of practice? Is it to assuage the ego of an all powerful God? Or to complete the circle of receiver giving credit to the giver? How do we properly practice Thanksgiving? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


*The act of Thanksgiving can be the soul and the human celebrating the ability to experience living on earth in this dimension as a human.

Few souls have this opportunity for so many vectors need to align so the soul has a framework to work on karmic energy. This is the soul’s mission.

*In order to experience more God, energy that blocks this path needs to be removed. The human participates when they become more faithful and loving. To be more of this energy, the person practices daily.

*To fully engage a heart to be grateful requires taming and training the ego. The ego energy thinks of self 1st. Controlling this outlook might have a person helping another instead of sitting for hours entertaining self. They do not notice or care there is someone in the kitchen cooking the food and cleaning up.

Thanksgiving should start every morning upon awakening. Be grateful you were given another day. Humans can experience God through the senses. Open the mind to seek the Divine Lord throughout the day. When temptation arises to feed the ego energy of negativity, one practices helping others. It is the small kind acts that can change one’s awareness. Instead of centering the attention on self, the focus expands. An exercise to practice is the old fashion saying, “Count your blessings, name them one by one.” Fill the mind with this attitude to keep the negative thoughts away.           

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in Thanksgiving.

            You are welcome little planner.

Having plans can help focus the attention for organizing one’s duties. Some become rigid with their list while others forget to glance at it.

A healthy balance keeps the stress levels down. Make plans but be open to change. Experiencing and expressing God can be at the top of the day’s planner.