Inherit Eternal Life

Inherit Eternal Life

Dear Wisdom,

Please explain the parable in which the righteous man asks Jesus, “ What must I do to inherit eternal life? Jesus answered, “Go sell everything and give it to the poor. Then follow me.” Mark 10:18

What does this parable mean? Being poor is no joy and takes away much freedom. Must we be poor to inherit eternal life? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


This was a spiritual parable.

There is no room for idols.

To fully follow the Almighty, one does not get distracted from the pure scent of the Most High.

Substitutes will not satisfy.

The caste system was truly in effect when Jesus walked His ministry on earth.

There was no mingling between the caste groups.

Giving the wealth to the poor was to not only tithe to the desperate people but also share the Spark of Divinity.

To follow Jesus is to follow the Christ Within.

Jesus taught keys to unlock the spiritual realm within.

The statement was meant to follow Jesus’s message.

When one has connected to the Creator, life is not lived by ego alone.

The ego tempts one into thinking earthly possessions will fill the void that humans feel.

No amount of silver, gold, currencies or possessions will satisfy this craving.

Only waking to the truth that the Holy Source resides within will fill the void.

The ego tries to rationalize that an imitation will suffice.

Just observe the people who seem to have it all slowly self-destruct because they feel hollow within.

Give away the notion that the ego’s props are the real craving.

The more one lusts for a human desire, the greater this will become a tool for teaching the ability to love itself unconditionally for the object will not satisfy 100%.

*No structure can fill the true void that is “factory installed”.

One can have nice possessions surrounding them.

The difference is being able to let go with the freedom of knowing these objects will never replace the throne of the Christ Within.

To think such beliefs usually leads to a lesson for learning unconditional self -love.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome precious one.

Let your light of love shine today to connect on a deeper level of true love.

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