Let the Heart be the Channel

Let the Heart be the Channel

Dear Wisdom,

Please elaborate on YOUR recent missive: “If one wants to receive downloads, let the heart be the channel instead of the mind…Let the heart know you are a valued friend. Then you will gain access for the healing codes work.” 2/16/13

Please explain. What is meant by the “heart”? Clearly, we are moving beyond the normal definition of our pumping and beating heart. Where is the heart? How do we access the heart? How do we let the heart know that we are a valued friend? Why would the heart think otherwise? We wish to fully utilize the healing codes and receive more downloads. Please tell us how to do this. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The heart is your subconscious mind, the emotions and feelings.

It also is the spiritual connection.

The mind is where the ego has access, where it’s life is judged and the self rates as most important.

It is evolution, survival mode that has been contorted into the selflessness.

The focus is “me first”.

The heart goes beyond black and white thinking.

The heart does not believe it is a valued friend because all of the criticism and judgment that is heaped on self.

*Every time one looks in the mirror and wishes they were thinner, more muscular, braver, anything other than perfect, they are condemning their essence.

The heart withdraws from the attack.

It stops trusting self as a friend.

Would you want to be a friend to one who spends all their time judging you negatively?

Picture how draining that would be.

The concept of talking with the inner child to release childhood blocks and free the spirit of childhood’s joy is not acknowledged as the key to balancing the human and spiritual aspects of the self.

Humans cannot understand “real” time.

Know that time spent with the inner child is actually taking place.

*To access the heart, the human needs to love himself.

Not in spite of the “flaws” but because of its flaws.

Man judges imperfections negatively.

The soul understands the gift of opportunities that is waiting to be discovered.

Those “flaws” were chosen specifically to help master an illusion about love.

One can enhance their looks like being an actor in a play and have fun.

But realize you are playing with the human shell.

It is the essence that is more valuable.

The outer shell dies.

The spirit lives on for ever.

Can you say you love yourself with no judgment?

The heart knows it does not meet your expectations.

*To master the healing codes, one learns to love himself unconditionally.

*Lack of love is what the healing codes searches for and helps free the energy that is trapped.

Only the heart can fully access the energy of love.

Downloads can then become frequent because the door to the soul stays open.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

You are welcome our little “bud”.

With the beginning of’ spring, buds start appearing on trees.

This is a sign of new life and growth.

You are also “budding” with new spiritual growth.

Believe this time is a new season that the souls are poised to grow with the new ideas.

A tree loses most of its old leaves before budding new life.

Feel the power of the life force growing within.

Springtime for the souls can always take place.

Feel the budding has already started.

Celebrate this joyous occasion.

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