Blessed are the Peacemakers

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to better embrace this Beatitude of Jesus:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.  Matthew 5:3–12

Care to comment, Wisdom?


*To be a peacemaker, one needs to have the ego under control.

 The ego demands to be right.

It really doesn’t care what the other person wants.

It wants it’s own way.

Compromise feels like defeat and weak.

One who wants a win/win situation is aware that egos are fragile.

Some of the biggest and toughest men have fragile ego’s.

When one is a peacemaker, they know this truth.

They don’t tell lies but they embellish the truth.

These people realize it doesn’t cost them anything to be nice.

It can actually be healthy for the body.

Human nature looks at the peacemakers as naïve.

It is also said it is the strongest that survive.

God’s essense is unconditional love.

God’s nature is a peacemaker.

If one wants to emulate God, they practice being with the same essence.

It is a trait that is practiced every day.

To be a peacemaker, one focuses on the truth, the reality of this situation.

They know everyone is processing life through their own filter.

That is what makes people unique.

*To be a peacemaker, one values all life.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome our little “twig”.

A twig is a small branch on a tree.

They are good when dried for starting fires.

It is important when building a fire to start with small twigs and small pieces of wood.

If one starts with a big log, the fire just smolders.

So, twigs are more important when starting a fire with a big log.

Be a twig to start projects.

They will be needed to start the project.