The Tomb of Jesus was Found Empty

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Dear Wisdom,

On Easter Sunday, the tomb of Jesus was found empty, as He had arisen.

“They came out of the tomb after Jesus’ resurrection and went into the holy city and appeared to many people.” Matthew 27:53

Do our lives follow similar patterns of death and resurrection? Did the arisen Jesus have newfound powers? The Jews claim that it all was faked and the body of Jesus was stolen. How can we best learn and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the anointed One? Thank YOU

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The body of Jesus went through a metamorphosis raising its vibration level to where it can match the Most High God.

When this was completed, Jesus had no boundaries in the physical or spiritual world.

Jesus vibration now matched God’s power.

Jesus would never again be limited by the physical world.

The Christ honors man’s free will and does not interfere with what a person’s subconscious is broadcasting.

One does not realize they might be signaling to the universe the opposite to what the conscious mind wants.

Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies though it was not to the liking of the Pharisees.

It does not matter how correct the facts are, there will always be those that believe the opposite.

Souls learn by experiencing contrasts.

This is why they are born into a world that cannot be perfect unless they believe it to be perfect.

Jesus can now be with anyone who asks.

It does not mean that all the prayers will be answered the way the person wants.

Many think God didn’t care enough to give them a positive response.

They can become bitter and deny Jesus in their life.

Jesus will never deny one of God’s children.

They might not get what they want but their soul will get what it needs.

The Bible tells of Peter refusing to accept Jesus.

Three times this was proclaimed.

Jesus did not turn his back on Peter.

He asked him to teach the message of Christ.

Jesus taught about the power of Love.

Some think love means being a doormat where one is actually powerless against the ego.

*Jesus taught the concept to train the ego in order to make room for more God.

Controlling the ego means saying “no” when appropriate.

An out of control ego can kill the host if not tamed.

The Christ has offered to help.

The Pharisees let the ego rule.

Who will you let be in charge?

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in love.

            You are welcome, little “soil”.

Soil in a garden will determine the health of a plant.

The soil encourages or repels water.

It can be full of nutrients or depleted by overuse and not adding nutrients back into the soil.

Think of the soul as the plant and the body as soil.

What one feeds the mind will either strengthen or deplete its life force.

Let the “soil” help nourish the soul.

Christ is the Master Gardener.

*Learn to take care of the soul by planting it in fertile soil.

Jesus will teach you ways to help the soul grow and stronger.