Mercy and Love of God

Mercy and Love of God

Dear Wisdom,           

Please help us to understand the mercy and love of God, as taught by Jesus and his followers, versus merciless conquest of the weak, as exhibited by nature.

In nature, nearly every plant or animal is eager to spread its influence, to conquer its neighbor. Plants, especially weeds, suffocate their neighboring plants to take over valuable turf. Animals, especially carnivores, are usually seeking to eliminate weaker neighbors and to occupy their turf. Humans have been the most merciless of all, spending most of humanity’s time on earth trying to eradicate one’s neighbors. How can we rationalize or understand this rule of nature: ”survival of the fittest”, while also embracing the basic concept from Jesus: ”love your neighbor”? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Man is created to be rulers over the plant and animal kingdom.

Some become like weeds or animals and choose not to be with God.

Man can learn from the other kingdoms but realize your soul has conscious access to God.

It is like the analogy of an eagle egg being hatch with a chicken egg, and the eagle mimics the pecking and scratching on the ground.

He grew to be an adult eagle acting like a chicken on a farm.

Another adult eagle flew by seeing this site and told the eagle he was meant to fly so follow him.

The eagles soared on the jet stream free to be who God made them.

Man often plays the role of the chicken rather than being God’s children.

Yes, man can be predatory and take from the weak but they throw away the opportunity to feel God in their heart.

*This is the only reason a soul takes a human form.

A human can feel God.

Unconditional love is God’s essence.

To feel God, one must be feeling love, not hate; compassion, not wanting to “ get even”, hope instead of disappointment and peace instead of war.

A person might look successful in society but in reality the soul is starving for God.

*Work with the soul to discover more facets of God.

This is how one has true joy on earth.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with gratitude.            .

You are welcome our little “fountain”.

A fountain adds beauty to the environment.

It can also nourish birds and animals with water.

All have the fountain of God within.

It flows for eternity whether you acknowledge it or not.

*Listen to the fountain of your heart.

It sooths and refreshes the spirit.

By the fountain there is peace;





God’s joy.

Take your fill from the waters of the fountain.

This is the greatest treasure of mankind and it can never be bought or conquered.

It is free from God.

Are you going to accept the gift or stay with the chickens?

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