Lead Us not Into Temptation

Dear Wisdom,

 Please help us to better understand the only prayer that Jesus taught in his short ministry, The Our Father: “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”. Matthew 3:13

Please explain temptation. Is there a force that whispers in our ears what we should not do? Are all paths to God meaningful? What is evil? If everything in the universe is God, then how can anything that is evil, or not God exist? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Jesus was talking about the temptation of the ego.

But Jesus did not say, “lead”. What he did say was “leave”.

Jesus would never lead a person away from God.

If someone called out because they were sinking in quicksand, they would want Jesus to save them.

Jesus was referring to their spiritual nature.

Ego is the energy that keeps one attached to the human identification.

The more one is attuned to ego, the more self-absorbed they become.

Most do not realize that when a person has no light from the spiritual realm, they become like a black hole.

Their vibration is so dense, light won’t penetrate.

These people need to ask for the power of the Light of God to rescue them.

Most at this vibration of darkness or evil truly believe they are right because evil is an energy that believes it is as powerful as God.

Evil attracts evil.

Those that tamper with black magic are invoking a negative power they cannot control.

This is not a game.

One can protect self by asking for the Light of God.

You will be protected before you even ask.

Starting off every morning surrounding self with God’s unconditional love raises the vibration level so evil is not interested.

That energy avoids light.

Choose light thoughts.

Some children are raised in denser energy watching violent movies and negative feelings.

They will need extra help bringing in light for the soul.

Choose light thoughts.

*Yes, evil exists but you can avoid the energy by living in the Light of God.

This does not mean the need to be perfect because no one can be perfect.

The human was never meant to have the ability to be perfect.

Know you are safe with God.           

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little ‘Lighthouse’.

A lighthouse is a good image to hold in the mind.

A lighthouse has a light that is constantly on, turning 360° to help alert boaters and ships of a shoreline near.

It protects the vessels from getting too close to shallow or a rocky area.

One doesn’t just call on God when they need help.

Keep the light turned on constantly.

Let the higher vibration take over.

Stand firm.

There can be stormy weather but the light doesn’t go out.

*Let the eternal light within always be on.

The lighthouse was built on God’s soil.

It will last forever.

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