The Christ Within

The Christ Within

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand the meaning of the cross in our lives.

Jesus died on a cross, as did many criminals in those days.

Christians associate the cross with the crucifixion of Jesus.

Yet YOU mentioned (10/06/07) that the cross represents the ‘Christ Within”.

Please expound on this topic.

Catholics saw the cross as a symbol of “Jesus died for your sins”.

YOUR explanation of the cross representing “the Christ within” is a very different representation of the cross.

Please explain. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


 Jesus was the “Anointed One”.

He represented the Divinity within each human.

Before Jesus, God was outside of self, in the heavens – a distant entity usually pictured as a larger human or mythical creature, something to fear.

Jesus message reflected love.

That the Almighty loved and cared for each individual: that the kingdom of heaven or God was within.

His teaching demanded a personal relationship with the Divine Lord, because you were and are the temple for the Most High.

Realize the message of the soul as important, that plays a role in every day.

Minutia was totally foreign.

Jesus came to bring life and the connection between body, mind, spirit and God.

He had to cease being human according to the prophecies in order to merge with the Source and Life eternally.

*The cross represents the bridge crossing over, from the human to the Spark of Divinity that flames within your temple.

This is where true joy is found.

This is also the concept of your eternal life.

When this body dies, the spirit is released, bringing with it’s essence, new vibrations and color.

Jesus was teaching that people are more than just their bodies.

Jesus had to die a public death in order to resurrect to the true essence.

The death on the cross represents even though the body dies, your true self lives.

That Jesus is no longer limited with the human dimension, but has released the vehicle that can decay to a body that never dies.

The image of Jesus the Christ is just as alive as it was 2000 years ago.

You can join forces with this energy through the heart.

The cross releases Jesus the man to become Jesus the Christ.

The same Christ that is within you.

There can be a call for the connection and help with the understanding of the magnitude this truth holds.

This doorway is found, not through logic as much as the heart or emotions.

Jesus brought the life of the Christ Within through His death on the cross.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome, our little treasure, in the energy of love’s power.

This vibration sustains your joy.

All it takes is your awareness of this truth.

The Christ Within