Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to embrace the Beatitude of Jesus: Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3-12

Care to comment, Wisdom?


“Blessed are the poor in spirit” refers to a person who is “ poor” of themselves.

People are confused when the word “poor” is mentioned.

They think of society’s definition of lack of money, which is negative.

Poor means one is missing out on life’s comforts.

They spend the time needing to struggle for food and shelter.

This was not what Jesus was talking about.

He was talking about a person who wasn’t so “full” on themselves there is no room to add more.

Those who act as if they know everything and assume they are right.

They are set in their beliefs and will argue against different concepts.

Jesus was bringing a new message based on love.

The teaching of society believed the power came through conquering and winning.

That was man’s core belief.

Jesus wanted a new revolutionary thought for the people to believe.

It was a paradigm shift.

Unconditional love instead of the fear.

*When one is set on their beliefs, there is no room for a different way of thinking.

*One who is “poor in spirit” has room to expand beliefs.

Their soul is hungry for unconditional love.

Those that connect with the soul and understand this truth live life more fully.

             Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome, little “dragonfly”.

Dragonflies skim over the surface of water looking for food.

They do not rest on the water for they would sink or be eaten by a fish.

One needs to be diligent and not sink totally into egos distractions.

Be like a dragonfly and skim the egos realm for food but not sink into living for the ego.

A dragonfly wants the freedom to live above the surface, but still eat.