How to Know When to Row

How to Know When to Row

Dear Wisdom,

Please provide us with further details on the theme, “How do we know when to row and when to let go?” “Lord, grant me the strength to change things that I can, the courage to accept things that I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference between the two.” YOU have encouraged us to delve into “Loving What Is” and “Trust in God.” Yet some people trust in God without any action. “ Faith without works is dead” says Scripture.

If our happiness is based on embracing reality, yet our progress and accomplishments are based on wanting to improve on our reality, how do we love what is, while rolling up our sleeves to improve all? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Man is co-creating with the Most High at all times unless in a vegetative or coma state.

Even those souls can be creating in a different dimension.

You create with the thoughts first.

That is why training the thinking is so powerful and a mantra is the saddle to help train and control the creative action.

An easy example is planning a meal.

If you have a limited budget, usually the choices are narrowed.

You can get quantity when planning to do much of the process, such as beans and rice.

There is the planning stage and the action; going to the store to buy ingredients; then the actual effort to prepare the food.

Finally, you sit down and give thanks for the nourishment.

The end result is to fill the belly until satiated.

In today’s choices, one just calls to order a pizza and let’s others do the cooking and delivering process.

The steps are carried out.

Thought – plan – action.

If a project is being bogged down, a step that might have been missing is in the thought process.

Remember you are a co-creator.

Co – involves you and the Master Builder.

Checking in to evaluate the blueprints makes common sense.

Getting input along the way is advisable.

Keeping ego from jumping in and taking center stage is a challenge.

That is where a mantra is powerful.

When you call on the Lord of your vessel in a spirit of joining forces, you create a stronger, clear channel for information to evolve.

Let us say a thought of ordering a pizza for dinner is created.

If the mantra has been dug deeply and flourishing, another thought might enter the mind involving the body’s needs.

You might decide to exert a bit more effort and warm up beans and rice with a salad because that is what the body is signaling.

When you plan a strategy inviting the Most High to sit at the head of the board meeting table it will invoke a higher calling for the new creation.

Allow for input along the way.

Sometimes life’s detours are to help other souls along their trails.

You can always ask for insight and settle the attention on the Source Within.

When you water your garden within with the fluid of the Divine, the thoughts are more nourishing for the human agenda and vessel.

Sometimes the attitude will be to pause.

Allow spirit a chance to share input.

The direction can take on a different twist.

You might not know what the Master Orchestrator is planning, but allow the voice of the Most High to whisper directions.

You love where you are at while co-creating with your Higher Partner.

Change is a Universal Law.

You love where you are at while creating a new road.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in love.

            You are welcome little one, in the heartbeat of the Lord.

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