Purpose and Taming of Our Ego

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand the purpose and the taming of our ego.

YOU have told us that ego shouts, while spirit whispers.

Ego is the voice of “What about me?!”, while Spirit is trying to maintain the quest embarked upon by the soul.

Is our ego the “devil” of ancient teachings?

Why do we have an ego if it is our main stumbling block in our spiritual quest?

YOU have suggested taming our ego like a wild stallion that can then be saddled.

How do we tame our ego without breaking its spirit? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


There is balance to the universe.

The yin/yang and ego are needed for survival as a human.

Also ego is the equipment that houses the soul and the lessons starting point.

Ego and spirit work well when in balance.

An example that is ongoing can be the ego’s desire for a new vehicle.

Along life path, there are choices given daily.

When ego and spirit are balanced, life is in the flow.

A person is born with a spirits desire to learn and grow through the human cycle.
The vessel houses the senses to be one with the Most High.

Ego is needed to facilitate the process.

Ego wants something.

Spirit can use the desire to experience more of the Creator.

An apple tree is desired.

One is purchased.

The connection with the Almighty is through the awareness of life observing the blossoms and cycles of its life.

The tree can be a spiritual connection with Reality.

The ego enjoys the fruit that the tree bears.

This soul did not choose to be born a human to be inert as a human and just be spirit, unless it was helping other souls grow through caring for another human who would only survive with others help.

Ego is needed for the spirits classroom setting and lessons.

Self-flagellation is not loving the body.

The human vessel is a holy temple housing the Most High.

With proper care, the structure lasts longer.

The building or body itself is a tool to utilize for the soul’s growth.

A car is very useful if wanting to take a long road trip.

Driving with attention and defensively will help ensure a safe passage.

Speeding and erratic behavior wears the vehicle at an accelerated pace.

The car can be totaled with reckless behavior.

Going too cautiously can cause an accident also.

Balance will get you to the destination desired.

Without a vehicle, you drive nowhere.

            Thank you, Wisdom, in joyful love.

            You are welcome “little one” in a love that never runs out of fuel.

There isn’t an upgrade.

This love can never be replaced.

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