Understand The Concept of Justice

Concept of Justice

Dear Wisdom, 

Please help us to better understand the concept of  “justice”.

Job asked God, “Does God pervert justice? In Psalms David begs, “Awake my God, decree justice”.

In Isaiah, we are urged, “Seek justice”. And in Matthew we are promised that Jesus “will proclaim justice to the nations”.

Today, evil thrives. Honest brave soldiers die in futile wars over oil rights. Where is justice in all of this?

YOU build us with a DNA need for justice then cast us in a world rich in injustice. One man’s patriot is another man’s rebel. CEOs earn 531 times the average worker’s wage. Where is YOUR justice?  Thank YOU.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Ego demands justice.

The Most High is Love.

Why does man seek justice?

Is it not because another caused harm?

Did the Lord make the CEOs greedy or man killing other humans for today’s concept of human wealth?

At recess, children make up their games. Parents do not interfere.

The souls have created the themes of the scripts.

Your soul choose whether you will be black or white, smart or stupid according to human reference points.

The Almighty is the energy of creation.

It is the souls that mold the dough into a certain pattern to grow in vibration.

How much easier is it to blame another for life’s concerns?

In the book, “Loving What Is”, there is the lesson of switching the focus from outside self to grounding the root of the life’s struggles within; away from egos drama toward the souls lessons.

When one internalizes the truth that life is but a classroom to learn lessons and grow a stronger frequency with the Most High, daily challenges are viewed differently.

Instead of taking a combative stance, one embraces the journey no matter the roads condition.

*In order to crave  “justice”, one sees himself as a victim.

The universe seeks balance.

That is why for every action, there is a reaction.

*Humans do not comprehend that justice is always taking place in the spiritual arena.

If one human is taking from another soul, their vibration level dims.

Where in the human world, the opposite is the illusion.

When one steals from another, that person now is the richer one. They do not comprehend the fact being generated by the action at soul level.

This is why the Bible instructs humans to let God dole out justice.

Humans do not see the cancer like virus from the spirits level.

A human who was touted as powerful and strong in society’s eyes, still will die and exist no more as that human.

The soul now deals with the energy that was created in that lifecycle.

This is why embracing life with a loving spirit keeps one untethered from another’s energy field.

*As a human ruminates on a considered injustice, they move away from the Source of Love.

They lose sight of joy’s essence.

Keeping ego contained from jumping on board the wagon train of righteousness and indignation, and allowing the soul a stand of insight will keep one in the current of reality’s joy.

*Try keeping off the pity pot when life doesn’t meet your expectations and seek insight into the souls chosen lesson to learn, and justice becomes a challenge to grow deeper in love.

Life is about your souls growth.

*Experiences are just mirrored reflections of opportunities to choose love over ego.

This is your mission if you choose to accept it.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in love.

            You are welcome, little one in the eye of loves force.

Take your rest in the calm of this energy.