Sickness Disappear

Sickness Disappear

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to derive maximum benefits from the expert out of the Tao te Ching:
“Only when your sickness becomes sick, will your sickness disappear.” Verse 71

Please help us to understand the meaning of this teaching. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The soul does use illness for the contrast of unconditional love.

When sickness becomes the priority in one’s life, before seeking out experts that heal, one can go within.

They seek only the truth.

What does the illness represent in one’s life?

Louise Hay has books that discussed conditions and what they represent.

She has healing thoughts to bring balance for one’s essence.

*What good is getting rid of an illness if the lesson for the soul was not learned?

More illness will be experienced.

The person is not intentionally making the self sick.

The soul is just trying to get their attention.

An illness is usually caused by a pattern of thoughts that not only affect the mind but also the gut.

*If the mental beliefs aren’t changed, the body can’t move forward for health.

Discover what the illness represents.

When the issue is revealed, what generated being sick can now be worked on and healed.

The body is the last system to recover. This is what the author was saying.

Illness is not one dimension. The physical body is being attacked.

The mind and soul are dealing with deeper issues.

Love is always at the core.

*Find out where the love is being rejected by listening to the inner dialogue.

Believe love is the only medicine.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in joy.           

            You are welcome little candy.

People treat themselves to a piece of candy. It changes their mood.

Not only because of the chemical reactions, but also the mental pleasure.

For some, eating candy is easier than feeling a moment of unconditional love for self.

*Use the sweetness of love to fill the hunger. That is why you were created.

*The soul wants to feel full on unconditional love.

You are the soul’s helper for finding this love.

*A piece of love satisfies the soul.