Tao is not Something Found at the Marketplace

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to fully comprehend the meaning of the excerpt from the Tao te Ching:

“All the world talks about my Tao with such familiarity. What folly! Tao Is not something found at the marketplace or past on from father to son. It is not something gained by knowing or lost by forgetting. If Tao were like this, it would have been lost and forgotten long ago.” verse 67

Please explain. Wisdom has referred to Tao as God. But that does not make sense in context of this quote from the Tao. What is Tao or God? What does it mean in our lives? Is it wrong to embrace Tao with familiarity? Thank You!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


*Man should never lose this sense of wonderment and awe when contemplating the Tao or God.

Many times, when something becomes habitual, it loses its intensity.

If a loved one is where a disaster took place and might have died, they become more precious.

The familiarity in this verse is referring to people taking the Tao or God for granted.

Humans take their lovers for granted.

God should never be treated with disrespect.

Swearing is disrespectful.

Man becomes complacent and feels they have a right to be alive.

*Many prayers are in reality demands.

When the requests are not given a yes response, the person often times turns their back or stops trusting in God.

They do not realize that breathing is a gift.

People expect a lot from God as if it is their right.

One can develop an intimacy with God, but not complacency.

One is in love with God with their spiritual nature.

*A person can love God and realize they are also in awe.

God is so much more than just the Creator of the Universe and yet, God or Tao cares about you and wants a human lover.

It truly is amazing when one ponders this gift being offered.

Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

You are welcome little “seaweed”.

There are sheets of seaweed used in cooking and as wraps.

It has many of the minerals lacking in the human diet.

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