More Music and Laughter into Our Lives?

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us how to incorporate more music and laughter into our lives.

We feel better when laughter is plentiful. Problem is that problems arise. Responsibilities demand attention. One must justify the time spent on music with appropriate income. Please help us to saturate our lives with humor and music. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Laughter and music nourish the soul.

Money fattens the wallet.

Trying to justify the action of music with the amount of money it can produce kills the joy of just playing.

The basketball player known as, “Magic” stated he would play “ball” if no money were involved.

A golden retriever will always want to chase a ball.

Needing to justify spending time with the hearts desire, fitting the hobby in only after work is completed, diminishes its importance.

Deciding to base the value of time spent playing music by how many people listen or how much money is left in the tip cup will turn the holy connection into a commodity.

Even if only one person is in the room, you can touch their heart.

This has more value in the spiritual realm then the money gathered in a bank or gold in Fort Knox.

Each and every soul has value.

Balance is the key word.

If one ignores the office and throws the cycle out of balance, then one needs to challenge self with a desire to find the truth.

Music and reading can become the drug of choice to distract one from living in the now.

Laughter becomes more spontaneous when life is not experienced so seriously.

One can start trying to lighten the outlook.

Life is lighter when viewed from the soul’s perch.

Laughing at the little human mistakes rather than beating self up mentally adds to the vitality.

Notice that when one is judging, there is no laughter.

It usually extinguishes the humor of the moment.

View life from the perspective of the daily vignettes that are amusing at some level.

You just need to find the source.

Glean any avenues of humor.

One sound bite would be not to take self so seriously.

If an apparent barb is tossed towards you, rather than taking a defensive stance, blow bubbles of humor at the offending comment, disarming it of the venom imagined.

Learn to laugh more at life’s daily scenarios.

This vitalizes the cells and maintains youth.           

Thank you so much, Wisdom with love and smiles.

You are welcome “precious one”.

There is joy in the direction of taking life with an open hand and sprinkling the magic of humor over the entrées.

This is a way to share the Almighty’s Love with the planet.

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