Teaches That Which Cannot be Taught

Teaches That Which Cannot be Taught

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand the words of the Tao te Ching: “ this Sage desires that which has no desires and teaches that which cannot be taught. He does not value the objects held by a few but only that which is held by everyone. He guides his men back to their own treasure and helps all things come to know the truth they have forgotten. All this he does without a stir.” Verse 64

Please explain. Much of the above advice is paradoxical. How can we embrace this wisdom?

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


 *The treasure everyone has is God within the human.

Every human being has their own personal connection to the Most High.

They cannot see God within, but this is why they live.

Some don’t believe in the Creator, but how can life be random?

All people are born with a soul.

They also are born with the energy of the ego.

This force helps separate and gives the person an identity.

When one solely relies on the ego, they become self-absorbed and focuses on itself as being at the center of the universe.

A person usually looks outside of self to find God.

Most do not understand it was their soul that desired their human body and the background which life will begin.

Some spend their entire life blaming God for all the problems life holds.

It is like swimming.

One can read all about it and imagine the motion but until the person actually gets into the water and feels the sensation of water surrounding them, swimming will remain a theory.

*Likewise, God is just a theory until going within and feeling God’s unconditional love.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome, little “fork”.

A fork is a utensil used to help a person eat a meal.

They usually hold a bite a food.

Some put too much food on the fork, making the bite difficult to swallow.

The fork can hold a perfect bite for the digestion to handle.

The food is supposed to be chewed to activate enzymes.

When one takes too big of a bite, it will not be processed well without enzymes.

Trying to swallow God whole usually gets rejected.

God is to be savored for eternity.

Like a mantra, slow steady servings continuously, can keep one full for this lifetime.