Understanding Humor

Understanding Humor

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand humor and incorporate more humor in our lives. Do YOU have a sense of humor? Is it light or gallows type? Do you find us funny? How can we laugh more at life? What would YOU consider sacred and above humor?

Thank YOU for giving us a sense of humor and using it often!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Humor is the bubbles of life.

It is the light pockets of air that transports people to a moment of relief.

You literally cause a switching of gears in the thought process and people tend to imagine in their minds eye what you are saying.

“Dark humor” is usually a cutting or pick of another’s worth.

This is not considered humor by the universal law.

It is usually someone trying to feel superior over or at another’s expense.

Good or clean humor is at a higher frequency and hence , it resides closer to the Most High’s door.

Notice and observe “Hal Roach’s” brand of humor.

He laughs at his own jokes and himself.

He makes up fictitious people who could be anyone.

He has the mind imagining the absurd and ends with a positive affirmation about one’s life.

Unless one is immersed in depression and only listening to their inner chatter, humor helps suspend the concerns on the mind.

When you do not take life too seriously, you find humor.

It is focusing on the antics rather than cutting remarks about the personalities that can bring true laughter.

Life is energy.

Humor is a lighter density of energy.

Humor flows more freely when you do not take yourself or life too seriously.

Look for humor.

It is all around you if you view life with a lighter grip.

Practice sharing the observations throughout the day.

Be aware you reflect out and back to yourself how life will be perceived.

It is only when the outside world tells one how they should respond to slights that one is easily offended.

Be in the moment, for the whole day, for your whole life.

People are generally focusing on the future or the past, not the “now”.

The message is really simple.

Love God and love yourself.

Reflect this joy towards life and others who passed through.

Do not judge.

All walk their own journey to learn about the Most High.

Some people learn this viewpoint confined to a bed, while others travel the world and do not raise their vibration field.

Live from the heart today.

If you can brighten another’s way by shining your light, do so now.

Opportunities do not necessarily come around again.

Humans are not built to be perfect.

Some grate on others more often for many unseen reasons.

People have their own ego agendas.

So if you relax the standard of perfection and realize the peace and joy comes from within.

Ground yourself in the truth that the Almighty will never “let you down”.

Also realize all people who pass within your sphere of life bring the lessons.

Maybe it is the opportunity to smile or pray for and others, or the opportunity to practice forgiveness.

The challenge is to embrace another with their blemishes instead of standing back and requiring a person to live up to your rules before they will be accepted.

People by nature want others to like them for whom they have evolved into.

Becoming disappointed of another’s actions indicates that you have allowed them to determine your thermostat of happiness.

Be an observer of another’s stumble and spiritually offer them a moment of higher vibration energy to help them up.

You do not want to allow another to drag you into lower energy moments for that is what happens when you stew or chew on a perceived slight.

If plan A doesn’t evolve, plan B or C or D even can bring a different but still a positive venue.

The more flexible you react to life, the less rigid you become.

See if you can find some humorous scenes mentally to lighten the situation.

Humor is a perfect tool to disburse the irritations of life.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in love.           

            You are welcome precious one in a love that can never disappoint, only nourish.

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