Control in Our Lives?

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to have a sense of more control in our lives.

Hans Selye, M.D. was the father of the modern stress theories. He found that animals tied to a table, with their freedom taken away, would begin to show the early signs of heart disease, ulcers, and cancer… which happens to be the same conditions plaguing people in the developed nations. Most people have no control over the weather, the government, their jobs, their finances, their health, their families, and so on. We lose control, yet want to have control. Without a sense of control, we get sick. Yet even the most optimistic person admits that much of life is out of our control. How do we minimize stress and have a sense of control and peace in our lives? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Man tries to control the reality of life.

One cannot control the fact such as the weather or what another person is thinking (unless hypnosis or drugs are used).

A boss cannot be controlled to choose you over a relative, even if they do not perform as well.

The government cannot be controlled once there is access to large amounts of money.

When a person focuses on the injustice of the government’s lack of common sense, the person feels powerless.

They might spend most of the day seething about how corrupt the governing powers are.

If people have access to vote in their country, they can use their vote to state an opinion.

When the winner is chosen, some will be unhappy and allow the emotions to control their health.

A wise man knows the difference of what he can control or cannot change.

Those are always the facts.

*To feel peace, one knows they might not have control over the facts, but they do have control over their perception and controlling their attitude.

Rather than letting events control your happiness, take charge of your internal rating system.

Take a good look at the negative and see how much of the depression has to do with what one believes will happen, based on the perception of the facts.

If a wife’s attitude is suspicious, she will see facts that are not there.

The attitude for the husband cools and the wife starts imagining scenarios that never take place.

Does her attitude have enough power to create her fear into reality?

A human mind is very powerful.

Most use it without direction.

A person wants to lose weight.

They look in the mirror and voice how ugly and disgusted they feel.

There is no understanding the brain is like a computer.

It has no emotion.

It’s job is to serve.

You will remain fat as long as you tell the brain you are fat.

When a person realizes their gift of being human is not so much the facts of life but how one perceives the facts with emotion.

One’s attitude and emotional state govern your happiness.

*If one wants to control their life, control the attitude and what you are telling the brain.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome our little “pine nut”.

A tiny pine nut can grow into a massive tree.

It does not doubt or wonder how it can grow so large.

It just does.

Do not doubt God’s plan for you.

Believe God knows the way.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

You might not know the answer, but know God’s plan is better than yours.

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