Life’s Joy

Life's Joy

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on a recent missive regarding “joy”.  “One searches within to draw from the currents of the force of life’s joy that is abundant.” (9/30/07).

Please explain this statement. What are the ”currents of the force of life’s joy.”
How do we tap into this current? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The current of joy is the Essence of the Almighty that flows through you.

No cell is without this force of life.

There are many names and visions representing this doorway to your Higher Aspect of self.

Rama, the Christ Within, Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu and the female versions that help connect one’s joining to the Source of All Life.

Unlike happiness, which is fleeting, joy is sustaining.

This well or spring can never run out.

It is your eternal connection with the spiritual realm.

The more one tries to dissect the concept, the more puzzling the thought become. This is why Jesus referred to children’s power of belief.

They do not need the intricacies explained.

Faith is a common attitude or tool to deal with life’s complexities.

When one is secure and the truth that the aspect of the Most High is within the human vessel or temple, no longer is there a sense of aloneness or abandonment to the vicissitudes of life.

One does not search outside of self for their spiritual connection.

The current is alive.

Most absorb the concept of the Creator Within as a prop, inert.

The current of joy is alive and moving all the time.

Most look outside self to satiate the hunger that is buried within.

Ego has convinced self that you do not need anything other than the ego.

The more one follows blindly down the trail of ego trappings, the greater the chaos is experience.


The soul wants to be nourished by the Life Force.

So many people try to appease this hunger with human trappings.

Observe how happy a couple appears on the wedding day.

If one does not also bring the spiritual realm into the joining, the focus will remain solely on self.

Within a short period of time, both partners will start obsessing on the flaws of the union.

Happiness withers.

Joy is constant.

No matter the drama, the human is experiencing a person can tap within and rest within the soothing waters of life

The theater of life seems so real.

It is easier to be a proficient swimmer in this current when the setting outside is tranquil.

Having a life preserver, which can keep one centered no matter the turbulence, brings a sense of peace.

One can remain a sense of joy, with the focus within and addressing the connection with intimacy.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome our little “water lily.
 Float on this energy of life to thrive.

This is the true beauty of life.