Dimensional Eye

Dimensional Eye

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on YOUR recent missive: “ the last eye is the dimensional eye. It is different then the 3rd eye. 7/7/13

Please explain this “ dimensional eye”. What is it? Where is it? Can we help to develop it? Is this the paranormal detector in a human? Thank YOU for a better understanding of this unknown sense on the human body!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Man is grappling with his own dimension without investigating other dimensions.

The 3rd eye is dealing with that souls life times and those virtual realities as it relates to the 3rd dimension.

The 3rd eye relates to this universe.

When the dimensional eye was mentioned, it was touching on the fact there is so much unknown and unseen that God has created, it goes beyond imagination.

Most humans are afraid of the power of the 3rd eye.

They don’t understand its power.

As the human brain becomes more advanced, exploration to go beyond this universe is being investigated.

They don’t know of the dimensions that exist in your dimension.

Sometimes, one gets distracted by futuristic thoughts that stop assisting their soul’s work.

There will always be the explorer who adventures going beyond the “limits”.

But most will not want to venture beyond their comfort zone.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little “ boundary”.

Boundaries help one feel secure.

Some never stretch their boundaries.

When going beyond the comfort zone, make sure to be protected with the help from the spiritual realm.

If they don’t object to the idea, it can be a time for learning.

If they indicate it is not the proper time, drop the idea for now. There is so much to explore in this dimension.

Why not discover the boundaries to the 3rd dimension?

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