Fully Harness the Power of Faith

Fully Harness the Power of Faith

Dear Wisdom,

Please tell us how to fully harness the power of faith.

Throughout Scripture, Jesus told people, “Go your way, your faith has made you well.”

Jesus cursed a barren fig tree and it instantly withered. (Matthew 21:18) then told His disciples: “If you have faith and do not doubt…. If you believe, then you will receive what ever you ask in prayer.”

Many a fervent Christian has had his/her prayer denied. What decides whether a prayer from a faithful will be answered? How do we have “faith without doubt”? How do we fully harness the power of faith?

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


How much faith do people really have?

Is the faith stronger on the notion why it won’t work or that God isn’t going to signal them out for a miracle?

Or does the spirit of the human vessel have other plans?

Does the death of one, release many other plans for fellow souls to begin their destinies?

Not just the human being is involved.

This is a soul journey.

Timing also plays a role.

Much interaction takes place if their loved one lives or dies, has a miracle take place or not.

Sometimes belief needs to be shaken to find sturdier ground.

Faith is an action that stands firm when life buffets the mind’s belief.

Much vacillation takes place when one thinks the Almighty should grant their every wish.

When one resists the reality of life, self-pain is experienced in the corridors of the mind.

Doubt and anger replace peace.

“Loving What Is” concept frees a person from trying to manipulate the Lord into their ways.

If a different projection of thought were to take hold, pain could ease away.
Reality is a lesson being experienced through an issue.

Instead of resisting, embrace the lesson and free the mind to focus on the insights the Universe will be able to now share.

It comes back to focus.

If you live by the creed of truth that you are spirit first, experiencing God through the human vessel, perception shifts.

Your faith does not need miracles to validate the appearance of the Most High, for you know God is everywhere in everything.

Faith is believing you are in the right place, experiencing the right lessons.

You do not fight the truth.

You work with the truth.

There is floating with the occurrence of life rather than standing for battle to demand the current changes.

Do you want more faith?

Steer the focus.

Live the truth while projecting the goal.

Believe it will come to pass at exactly the right moment in the script of life.

Try it for one day, even one hour, living reality and not the made up stories of “shoulds”.

Notice when there is a “should” belief, the discomfort that does not change to your desire.

Focus on what you choose to see.

Focus on what blessings you have.

If you think there is only happiness when the desire is manifested, you self inflict pain.

Believe in the reality of truth and you will be free.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.
            You are welcome precious one in the love that is the current of energy life works within.

Free yourself in this power.

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