To See the Kingdom of God

To See the Kingdom of God

Dear Wisdom,

Please explain one of the more puzzling teachings of Jesus:

Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” John 3:3

What is meant by, “born again”? How can we do this? How does this rebirth allow us to see the kingdom of God? Is this kingdom here on earth or only in the afterlife? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Jesus was referring to being awakened to the spirit.

Most spend their life focused on the material world and what is important to the physical body and the conscious mind.

There is no time to think about the inner world or why they were truly born on earth.

It was not an accident or a coincidence that your parents are the way they were.

Even children who were abandoned needed those souls as part of their “costume” for the 3rd dimension.

Those two souls were the only ones who could create the energy pattern that could hold the necessary karmic weave that the child needed.

No two other souls could have exactly formed an identical template.

Humans do not understand the reality of the soul.

They think the time to pay attention to the soul is when they die and death is not a subject to think about.

Jesus was talking about being “born again” or “awaken” once again to the connection of the spiritual realm and becoming intimate with the Creator of all life.

Letting Jesus be the guide is the easiest way to stay on the path that leads to the Divine Lord.

*Being born again is like having an extension cord that is unplugged from the wall outlet.

One reconnects the socket to the current of electricity and the energy runs through the cord.

With this image, one can see Jesus reconnecting the extension cord to the wall outlet.

When the soul comes to earth, the memory of the connection is lost from the conscious mind.

The soul’s desire is to humanly feel God’s energy.

Everyone has a unique vibration.

This level is how much one can absorb God.

*To try and go beyond one’s capacity damages the attempt to connect.

This is why having a teacher like Jesus is so powerful.

One is never forced to reconnect with God.

It is not God who feels any separation, it is necessary for the soul to believe they are lost or disconnected once\ being born into a human vessel

They spend the time on earth trying to get reconnected.

Only the human can help with this desire.

Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

You are welcome our little “circuit box’.

A circuit box directs the energy to different locations throughout the building.

This energy needs to be balanced or the current box could “trip” and shut down.

There are different currents flowing through the body.
One can try and manually fix each system.

A more direct way it’s allowing Jesus access to the main current board.

With the Divine Lord, you can always keep the system in balance, running 24/7.

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