You Are More Powerful Than Imagined

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Dear Wisdom,

“You are more powerful than imagined. Just plug in to the Light Source.” 3/11/13

“You made them a little lower than the angels; you crown them with glory and honor.” Hebrews 2:7

We read many encouragements for humans to fulfill our potential for accomplishments.

Alas, this fulfillment seems to be the minority of cases. How do we “ plug in to the Light Source”?

Thank YOU for a detailed plan for tapping into our Divine potential.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The Light Source is the energy of God.

Man needs God to live.

In order to live, one lets more light into their vessel.

A person’s vibration needs to be able to expand in order to receive more of God’s light.

What is stopping this from the Most High?

The ego.

This energy is the contrast for God.

There is a yen/yang to life.

Appreciate the abundance.

Ego lures man with earthly distractions and focusing on self.

*The more one cares solely about their needs, the less room there is to invite God into their life.

Ego cannot stand silent.

When a person tries meditation for the first time, a minute seems like an hour.

The mind becomes so distracted with thoughts many give up after one session.

How can one hear God if there is never any silence?

The Almighty does not yell.

God whispers.

There are times when a person cries out for help with surrender, silencing the ego and the angels of God come to assist.

There is no doubt in the mind.

This signal is not being jammed with doubt.

When Jesus said, “ Your faith has made you whole”, He was stating there was no doubt, no contrary vibrations to cancel out the hoped for answers.

Every thought has some energy.

Some beliefs are at the subconscious level.

They thwart beliefs at the conscious level.

One might think they want to heal 100% but working in the back of the mind is the opposite belief.

A child hears a statement from an adult and believes it is true.

They didn’t realize the person might have been joking.

The thought is set in stone.

One needs to cancel out the defective information and replace it with truth.

*A global lie is that you are not loved unconditionally.

This is the biggest falsehood of mankind.

Life’s problems have a kernel of this illusion.

The individual works at the soul level to erase the mistake or error in thinking.

Replace it with the truth.

Believe the misinformation will not return.

Believe God wants to help.

The Light has never been denied for a person.

They are just blocking it with an illusion of lack.

Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

You are welcome, little “aloe plant”.

The aloe plant helps heal burns and can be used as food.

Aloe has many benefits.

It also is protected by little needles that has one being more cautious, but with care can utilize the whole plant.

The needles need to be dealt with first.

Get rid of the needles on the soul to allow more access for absorbing the Light.

This is the soul’s mission.