Freedom in Our Lives

Freedom in Our Lives

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to have freedom in our lives and our thoughts.

“For you were called to freedom”. Galatians 5:13

People long for freedom, yet they also seek security.

The government takes away our freedoms under the guise of providing us with security.

Now we have neither security or freedom.

Yet, Wisdom has taught us that we have freedom in our thoughts.

We can think whatever we want.


Yet, society, most people around us, and the media dwell on negative thoughts.

We are programmed with fears to keep us in line.

How can we reject that blanket of fear that hangs over society and the media?

How can we live in freedom, both mentally and physically? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The ego keeps one stuck in the denser vibration level.

People are more comfortable following the group then traveling a more solitary path that is a higher vibration level.

Notice how easy it is to talk about a negative situation instead of giving another person a compliment.

The concept of controlling one’s thoughts sounds easy, yet, it is one of the most difficult things to do.

Many want to blame the government because it is full of corruption.

Is it reflecting something in their own life that they are ignoring?

*Everything in life is a teacher.

If something bothers a person, a lesson might be trying to draw the attention to a bad habit.

One doesn’t even realize they are automatically performing.

*To live in freedom, ego is not in charge.

There have always been problems throughout earth, and civilizations do not last as a peaceful nation.

Souls learned through contrast.

If life was calm and people always friendly and agreeable, there would be no diversity in people’s personalities or creativity because that trait clashes with those that want to stay on the same course.

Sometimes, the only true freedom is in the mind.

An interesting question to ask oneself is: Is this my thought or a belief of someone else’s?

Core beliefs learned in childhood are not your own unless analyzed and chosen for self.

Parents teach their child what they believe.

They might be healthy truths and something worth following, but decide how it works in your life.

Some go throughout all life holding onto a concept. They really don’t want to live with that belief because it is not true for them.

Anyone can live in freedom in the mind if there are no storms in the mind.

Ego loves to create trouble.

Spirit wants to feel a connection with God.           

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little “screen”.
Screens allow air to pass through while blocking bugs and other small creatures.

Let the higher vibration pass through the mind and egos denser energy cannot pass through.

The screen is a gift for freedom because it allows only thoughts that protect the soul to pass through.

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