Role of Karma in Our Lives

Role of Karma in Our Lives

Dear Wisdom,

Please teach us about the role of karma in our lives.

Various teachers claim that our current lives can be heavily influenced by our past lives, our performances, our grievances against others and our lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

When Jesus was brought a man to be healed, his followers asked Him if the man was sick because either he sinned or his parents sinned. Jesus replied:

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, ‘but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” John 9:3

It is difficult to see a baby suffer and not wonder if either there is a capricious God, or if karma played a role in the awful situations of the babies. How does karma affect our lives? Can we appease our past karma by finding out what happened in past lives? Is there such a thing as a “get out of jail free” card in the universe? Can we neutralize bad karma? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Some people claim there is no karma, that people have only one chance with God.

Getting one opportunity to master raising one’s vibration to that of God’s is unrealistic.

Realize time is not counted like earth time for a soul.

Lessons to learn are similar to going to school for a human.

Sometimes there is failure but another test can be taken again.

Some souls choose to be born as teachers for others to learn compassion and unconditional love.

*The souls used a life cycle to assist the planet and learning beyond the ego and they also can be the “villain” for contrast.

Souls do not judge like humans do.

Some have waited since the beginning of time to participate in the earth’s theater.

Souls want to help each other towards raising vibration levels.

A soul doesn’t care just about itself, though this is true for humans.

Souls build memories with feelings to gather insight.

Some chapters of a soul’s history is not completed in one lifetime.

It can be referred to as karma.

Souls that have come to earth often collect more unfinished business.

When Jesus said the man who was sick was for the glory of God, He was proving God’s healing is not based on works.

Depending on the soul’s mission, healings can happen instantaneously.

Man’s karma is simplistic but true in some way.

Souls are responsible for the human’s decisions.

If man creates energy, the soul has ownership of the vibrations.

Why not use the lifecycle using the emotions to raise the souls vibration?

This is the value of earth.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome our little “rope knot”.

Some rope knots are used for climbing.

Knots are made at intervals to move upwards.

One can pause at each knot

Use goals like a rope knot to reach a goal.

It becomes a game.

Play the game of life with joy.

*It is one’s attitude that will decide who wins.

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