Experience God on Earth?

Experience God on Earth?

Dear Wisdom,

Please elaborate on YOUR recent missive:  “ What the soul truly wanted was to experience God on earth.” 1/12/14

Please explain. How do we experience God on earth? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Souls want to feel through a human body.

This is an opportunity to explore so many facets of the Creator’s  Essence.

Souls marvel at a trail of ants, all going the same direction and able to pick up twice their body weight.

The human’s mission is to try and get rid of the ants.

Most humans don’t contemplate the soul until they are close to death.

*Would it not be wonderful for the soul and the human to experience life together?

*The human would see beyond his drama and have a deeper appreciation of life while the soul would get to experience more than the human’s self criticism because of the extra weight being carried.

Their world centers on this “ problem”.

An exercise to try is to pretend you are willing to experience fully for 1 minute all the senses activated for the soul.

What are all the smells that mingle in the air?

Go through the senses.

If one or more are missing, think of how you adapted.

This is having one be fully in the moment.

Most live in the past or future, ignoring this moment of time.

God is everywhere and everything.

*To experience God, realize all of life is a gift.

Let the heart be filled with gratitude.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome, “little book”.

Books are thoughts put in print to be preserved.

They can be a collection of facts or have a specific purpose, like recipes or sermons.

It can also be a book of one’s thoughts.

When a thought is written down, it becomes more solid than just swirling around in the mind.

A book or journal can become a friend to the human.

Even if one can’t write, they can draw pictures.

Yes, getting back to journal writing would help in your healing.

Getting up one half hour earlier and taking a morning nap would be better for the bedsores.

Write about your fears and joys.

Believe Us when we say this will help.

Make it a priority, like brushing the teeth.

It is not supposed to be all serious.

This can be a few fun moments in time.

It is also an avenue to connect with the soul.