More Laws, More Lawbreakers

More Laws, More Lawbreakers

Dear Wisdom,

Please explain the meaning of the Tao te Ching: “To rule the state, have a known plan. To win a battle, have an unknown plan. To gain the universe, have no plan at all. Let the universe itself reveal to you it’s splendor. How do I know this should be so? Because of this: The more restrictions, the more poverty. The more weapons, the more fear in the land, the more cleverness, the more strange events, the more laws, the more lawbreakers. Thus the sages say: Act with a pure heart and the people will be transformed. Love your own life and the people will be uplifted. Give without conditions and the people will prosper. Want nothing and the people will find everything.”

Please explain. This is another cryptic message from the Tao, rich with seeming contradiction.

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Know the difference between reality and illusion.

The illusion is to believe creation comes from man and man alone.

That war is the answer.

That winning a fight makes one dominant.

Man becomes egotistical with their inventions.

One believes the world outside of themself.

The more governments try and suppress the truth, the harder it is to believe the government serves the people.

Most start with an illusion as the core belief, upon which they build the foundation of their life.

Governments encourage this falsehood for they reign supreme when the people fear their leaders.

If one follows the heart, they go within for the answers.

The strongest power of life is within your essence.

That is God’s nature, which is the energy of love.

God’s love is unconditional.

This is the vibration the soul wants to absorb.

What is not love is the world’s props for the souls to work on lessons.

The theater of life is the human’s stage.

They just don’t know this fact.

Life is taken too seriously.
If one places their trust in the Creator, their essence is bathed in the energy of love.

Let love be the compass and your course will be accurate.

Just trust in the power of love.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little “dolphin”.

A dolphin has excellent directional system, which is a natural phenomenon, which they are born with.

We too, have a natural system that leads us to God.

The difference between a dolphin and man is the human has this system buried within, and it is a choice if he uses it or not.

A person’s compass is love.

The closer it moves towards unconditional love, the stronger the signal.

Point the compass toward love and follow that direction.

Many set their course on ego’s directions.

That can be man’s greatest illusion.

Stay true to your course.

The universe sends out signals to keep one on track.

Become like a dolphin.

Have your internal guidance system for love to be the natural path to follow.

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