Insight About Anger

Insight About Anger

Dear Wisdom,

A group would like to know some insight about anger and its energy. Is one to control their anger, or a special way to address anger? Some seem like they were born angry which leads to the question about past lives and karma or unresolved issues. Can you––no––would you please offer us some greater understanding about the truth of anger? Thank you, Wisdom.

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


Anger is a dense vibration that forces the movement of energy. It has its uses like fire. If controlled, it brings benefits to one’s life. If it becomes uncontrollable, like fire, anger destroys. Anger has been the force that changed two nations.

When Mahatma Gandhi was thrown off the train because he was thought to be sitting in an area that was restricted to his nationality, the experience triggered a powerful surge of energy. He used this force and summoned more energy to change the course of history. He changed the anger into a passive/aggressive force that steered a new course for dealing with generations of seething anger.

Like throwing a rock into a still pond, many circles of vibrations are released and the result is soul waves with the stronger being closest to the impact. One can interpret this natural flow of energy or the circles that extend outwards until the energy is dissipated. Most do not realize they have a choice when they are angry.

What helps create the space to manipulate the force? It is the ego that has been trained. The ego is behind the “I” identification. It is the opposing player for the soul. Some people never play the game because the soul was never allowed to “suit up” or asked to be a team player. When ego is allowed to control one’s anger, is like using gasoline with a small brush fire.

If karma is created with enough force to develop a blemish on the soul’s essence, they can reincarnate with the lesson to change the pattern. Anger is a surge of energy. It is the opportunity to take the reins of the ego, and like a horse, bring it back into balance. Some have allowed their ego to become a wild bull that refuses to be tamed. But with patience and the help from God, the ego can become one of your greatest assets. 

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You’re welcome, our little lily pad.

Though the water flower attracts people’s attention for its beauty, the lily pad allows an ecosystem to take place. It is a resting spot for passing insects and small creatures. It provides shade and nourishment for some animals.

Without the lily pads, the flowers would not survive.  Life interweaves in the universe’s vibration. Each have their own sound. God wants to hear the individual music. The lily pads music is different from the flowers. Let your unique sound play for God.