Reprogram Our Inner Psyche

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to reprogram our inner psyche in a healthier direction. Please teach us to reprogram our mind for a healthier notion of life, the universe, our purpose, and more. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


To reprogram core beliefs, one starts with the understanding of why the subconscious won’t let go of these errors in thinking.

Core beliefs are thoughts to be ways to stay alive.

The psyche believes these errors of thought are a life and death matter, especially if programmed.

It doesn’t matter if logically it makes no sense.

Many try to criticize or just rip the idea out of the mind.

These ways rarely work.

The subconscious buries itself deeper into the root system.

That is why people rarely keep their weight off after dieting.

They did not address the underlining cause of keeping the weight on.

*The first thing to do is have of heart of gratitude, for the subconscious was trying to keep you alive.

Have an understanding of the thought process at that time.

Thank the subconscious.

Now it is time to have a better “safety system” because that system being used is very limited and the newer one is a lot stronger for your survival.

When that belief was first installed, it was the only choice the subconscious was given.

Now, it can be as easy as updating software.

This time it will not be set in stone.

You can always update with newer versions.

One can become less rigid in their belief system.

Until you master changing core beliefs, the old idea keeps returning.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome ”little owl”.

Owls can turn their heads for a greater range of the horizon.

They catch more food this way.

Be like an owl with core beliefs.

God is so much more than humans can imagine.

Being more flexible brings greater insight.

The owl doesn’t question its ability to see greater distances.

Just act like the owl and know that with updating the system, there will come greater clarity.

All but few have the ability to see.

Know this was your soul’s destiny.