Feel Complete in Ourselves

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to feel complete in ourselves, without the addition of other people or things.

The world is full of people who feel half complete. Many songs lament the notion of being only half a person when the other half is somewhere else. Many people try to feel complete by earning more money, or the respect of the public, or uncontrolled power, or gambling, or drugs. Most people feel incomplete by themselves. How can we feel like we are perfect just the way we are, with the power of the Universe pulsating within us?

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Almost all people are born with no memory of their connection with this spiritual realm or God.

This leaves behind a feeling that something is missing and a feeling of being incomplete.

The search to feel whole again has a person looking outside of self.

No matter what they find that brings them a sense of joy it does not last long.

They will start feeling the void again.

They find things to complain about and search for a replacement.

It is the same with drugs.

The first few times the experience might have felt like it filled the void.

They start feeling just a little bit more will bring back that sense of being powerful.

That is how an addiction starts.

To feel complete, one needs to find the missing piece to your puzzle of life.

This search starts within the person.

Feelings are needed to unlock the hidden spot.

Once a person is reconnected, there is that sense of being complete.

They might choose to make this awareness part of their life but they do have the key.

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to reconnect or at the end of their life to focus on the gift.

Others want God to be a part of their life the moment the insight is understood.

This reconnecting is not complicated or can only be found in a secret code.

Some find God facedown in a gutter, saying a simple plea of, “Please help me. I can’t live this way any more.”

God loves you unconditionally no matter what you have done.

Some feel they don’t have the time to go to church so they think God doesn’t want to talk to them.

*To reconnect, it is as easy as taking a breath.

Be aware of the power that is inside of you.

It is stronger than anything on earth.

That energy lying dormant is part of the life force that created the universe.

A soul designed you exactly as you are to work on spiritual lessons.

One can stop criticizing themselves and start living the truth.

All the factors of life lead you to this moment in time.

Know the soul wanted the human vehicle to look exactly as that person in the mirror.

What are seen as flaws are the tools the soul is using to find deeper awareness into God’s Essence.

*One realizes they are perfect just as they are for the soul’s mission.

The soul might need you to change to keep growing spiritually, but it is mostly habits which are changed with God’s power.

When one resumes the true identity, they feel whole even with their baggage.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome little surf.

Shorelines surf is different depending on the body of water.

All surf is perfect for the circumstances.

Some waves are high and some are barely ripples.

Believe your surf is perfect for now.

More energy might create a stronger surf.

The water doesn’t question God.

The surf isn’t expected to grow trees.

God uses surf on shorelines, not the mountains.

It takes different conditions to make the surf higher, but it’s substance is the same.

Believe you are born to be the surf.

Use God’s power within to add power to the surf.

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