Appreciation With Expectation

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Harness the Healing Power

Dear Wisdom, Please help us to harness the incredible healing power of belief, or the placebo effect. Throughout human […]

Tao Gives Life to All Things

Dear Wisdom, Please help us to understand the words of the Tao te Ching: “Though Tao gives life to […]

Your Heart the Channel

Dear Wisdom, Please elaborate on YOUR recent missive: “If one wants to receive downloads, let the heart be the […]

About this site

Wisdom communications started after reading the book, “Conversations with God” and thinking how it said anyone could talk with God.  Why not me?  This was after my mom, dad and youngest brother died within 1½ years of each other and I had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

After a few months of questions and answers received, my husband offered more in-depth questions to ask. So he asks the questions and I write the answers that come to me using a dowsing tool to double check if the thought is correct. After the question was asked and answered, I will close with thanking Wisdom.   The response would be more personal and a powerful message might be added. This is done between 3 and 4am every morning.  To date, we’re over 20,000 pages.

More will be posted on the new website, “Wisdom Inspirations”.

May the lessons help you as you travel down the road of Eternity.