Mantra & Meditation Structure

Mantra & Meditation Structure

Dear Wisdom,

Please provide us with the proper structure for a mantra and meditation.

Some mystics believe that a person needs to have a monk or priest choose a very personal mantra for each individual. Is that true? What are the requirements for a mantra?

Some experts have written books and taught courses on meditation. What do we do? Is music okay during meditation? Does one chant a mantra throughout the meditation? Do we say anything? Or just think thoughts or words?

Thank YOU for getting us started in the right direction with our mantra and meditation techniques.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The mantra is a life raft of sorts.

It is used any chance that is appropriate.

When using a knife for instance, all attention should be focused on the job using a sharp implement.

Otherwise the mantra is the mortar between the bricks.

Any time you have the ability to touch base with the Divine, when waiting, standing, in line, doing the routine duties such as the dishes, you are connecting with the Lord of Love.

One that has been used through the ages has special energy attached.

One that feels intimate with your Creator.

Some people have an aversion to the words defining their image of God.

Some feel the name Jesus is used more as a swear word and if the person is around others who take the Lord’s name in vain, it is jarring.

Using a substitute such as Rama, which means the Source of Eternal Joy, has centuries of invoked power.

Some use a phrase with a holy name mentioned.

Having a long mantra can be shortened for emergencies; you need a single word of the mantra repeated over and over to help stabilize the chaos of the mind.

When the foundation of repeated use is laid, when problems arise, the mantram is there to hang onto and bring balance and a sense of peace.

Some spend years waffling back and forth between different names for the Lord.

This is like digging a shallow well and scurrying off to dig at another site, never penetrating deep.

The description isn’t the issue when calling on the Divine.

It is the repetition, making the incantation intimate.

Meditation is total focus for a sustained period of time, delving deeper into the inner chamber of the sacred aspect of the human vessel. This is where the mind is being trained to focus.

Most of life is spent with the attention scattering in different directions.

With the invention of television and all the rapid commercials, the mind is being trained to not focus on one subject but multitask always.

Meditation gently trains the conscious mind to be still and patient, to focus and hone the direction into a clear channel.

With dedication, the mind obeys and becomes an ally instead of an uncontrollable rebel.

The goal of meditation is to channel all of the energy into one focused avenue to the Divine’s field.

Some use the challenge of a long prayer that is the basis to teach discipline for the mind.

The St. Francis prayer is often used.

Each time the mind wanders the prayer is started over.

It sounds simplistic.

Getting through the first part of the prayer in a fluid motion takes many attempts.

Some use a single word or short phrase repeated over for a specific time.

The attention wanders even more so out of boredom.

Using music can be a distraction because the mind will use the opportunity to imagine scenes, thus splitting the attention.

Meditation is work.

A mantra’s gift is connecting with the Lord of Love anytime, anywhere for any length desired.

It becomes the background strength built from the conscious use.

Using phrases that are not uniting you to the Source of Life will grow old and have no lasting strength.

The mind will try and dissuade you from attempting to harness it’s nature into a focused partner.

Some try to do meditation out loud.

This avenue can keep the person at surface level focusing on the auditory sounds.

One half hour of meditation seems like eternity when starting.

There will be all types of excuses and choosing to do an abbreviated version.

Most choose the morning before the day begins it’s schedule.

This is when one can start the day off with calm and focusing the mind to bring balance to the rest of the day.

If one thinks they will use the afternoon, watch how there will be all kinds of reasons that will disrupt the plan.

This habit can bring a sense of peace to the human vessel.

The mantra needs no schedule.

It will help bring focus and connection to your Christ Within or whatever alias is believed.

Both techniques are training the ego to be an asset and partner in this play of life.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love in my heart.

            You are welcome precious one in the love that flourishes around and within.

Become acquainted and a partner with this energy.