Bad Fortune Rests Upon Good Fortune

Bad Fortune Rests Upon Good Fortune

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to embrace the meaning of the excerpt from the Tao te Ching: “Bad fortune, yes, it rests upon good fortune. Good fortune, yes, it hides within bad fortune. Oh the things that Heaven sends. Who can know their final aim? Who can tell of their endless ways? Verse 58

What does it mean? Bad fortune and good fortune. Good fortune and bad fortune. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


When one wishes for something, it brings contrast that can generate positive or negative energy.

Let us use winning a large lottery for example.

What could be bad about winning lots of money?

When the person does not have a vibration level that can support the changes, they might lose all the money and find themselves in a worse situation than before.

There has been counseling set in place to help guide the winners away from those that are the takers in life.

Every action in life brings a reaction.

People have a choice.

They can’t see life as giving the opportunity to explore a higher vibration.

The souls mission is to explore more God.

Sometimes humans have to go backwards to be able to thrust forward.

If one has ever driven a manual shift in a vehicle, when shifting into another gear, the vehicle has a pause before sending into a new gear.

When first learning to drive a stick shift, the driver will stop the engine from running.

It is like a baby taking it’s first steps.

There are many falls until balance is learned.

Is it bad they have to fall in order to learn to walk?

A parent could interfere with their learning by always carrying the child.

When the toddler gets to be 5 or 6, the parent is crippling both the child and themselves.

What started out as a good intention turned out to be a bad result.

What might seem to be negative is the only way to grasp the positive.

Sometimes shifts in vibration are not wanted but needed for the soul.

Focus on the vibration.

Believe shifts are trying to bring a greater depth to one’s energy field.

In dark times there is a beacon of light in the center.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little “planting pole”.

A planting pole helps give support to the plant.

As it grows, it can wrap around the pole.

Let the inner light be like a pole to lean on for support.

God is there to lean on.

Let God be the core to lean on.

It has always been there.

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