How to Find Happiness

How to Find Happiness

Dear Wisdom,

Please tell us how to find happiness here on earth during our lifetime.

Our egos screams for “what about me?” and self-destructs through various addictions.

Mystics have tried to find God or happiness through self-denial, self-mutilation, prayers, and works of charity. Among few older people, they have found happiness in life as naturalists, like John Muir and Galen Clark. Is it possible to be happy and nourishing the soul in this lifetime? Must we choose one or the other? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Yes, one can live in joy, when they live without egos stories and love reality for its truth.

This is why there were many references to Byron Katie’s book, “Loving What Is”, for it is easy to comprehend.

There are four questions to challenge ego and ground the person on the souls path.

Do you not experience pain and suffering first in your thoughts?

Does one not set themself up for some suffering when they think they know what others believe?

When you start a statement with the phrase, “you probably feel, or think…” is the thought not of a negative nature?

Nine times out of 10 the thought never entered the other person’s head.

All this energy is in the mind.

Did the plot line bring joy?

Here is the time to investigate the thoughts that can cause disruption to the cycle of happiness through joy.

Imagine the spirit is your vessel that houses God or joy.

The more connected to the soul, the more access to the nature of joy.

If the statement is true that earth is just a setting to discover more of the Almighty’s nature, is the goal not to find the Most High hidden in every experience?

What if your soul knew that your condition was a key to finding more God, which means more love and joy.

Instead of resisting the plot of this chapter in life, there would be more feelings of choosing to just experience the reality of the health challenges, knowing that the truth will indeed set you free.

Instead of resisting what is, there would be an embracing of the insight hidden within the pages of the plot and sensing joy when the connection is made with your Creator.

You would like more joy and happiness.

Live from the perch of the souls view, not the egos pot of pity stew.

For does one not feel suffering and pain when they are disconnected from their Source of Life and are relying on the ego to save them?
See how different the view looks, when seeing life through the souls vision rather than the human’s storytelling.

The answer to the second question in the book is always “no” because somewhere you are resisting life, which is synonymous with God or reality.

Joy is within the confines of your human vessel.

Think of a mansion on a glorious spring day.

The birds are singing, the sun is shining and a caressing breeze is flowing.

You are in your Castle.

The view is magnificent.

The only problem is you have locked yourself inside with heavy drapes covering the view.

Ego creates stories that incite fear and concern about the outside world.

The only recourse is to hide within the boundaries of the egos chambers.

True joy and happiness cannot penetrate the layers of protective coats that hide the sun or God.

True happiness and joy are found when you step outside of the mansion and discover the reality of a perfect day.

When loving life as is, you are thriving outside in the sunshine, instead of huddled inside with the bedtime scary stories that ego spins.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, for this insight.

You are welcome precious one in the love that is the light of existence.

Revel in this nourishment.

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