Crucifixion of Jesus?

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Dear Wisdom,

Please give us a better understanding of this man who became the Anointed One, or Jesus the Christ.

On Good Friday, we recognize the crucifixion of Jesus, one of the more bizarre acts in the Bible.

The Son of God is tortured to death.

There is much violence in the Old Testament, but this event is the worst.

Was it necessary?

Need it be so violent?

What can we learn from this episode in human history? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The death of Jesus was to represent the end of sacrificing and “cleaning the slate” or as Jesus said,

“It is finished, meaning Jesus” paid your ticket”.

The death was to represent forgiveness for all sins throughout history.

If Jesus had died in bed while sleeping or stabbed in the heart, many would think their sins were too great for Jesus to forgive.

Yes, the death of Jesus was dramatic and violent but necessary for the coming ages.

Over 2000 years later, people still need the power of the Son of God dying for them.

They can feel free because Jesus was willing to die for them and take away any debts.

Jesus was representing the Creator who has been “ sinned” against.

It is God who forgives you.

Most people feel guilt at the subconscious level even while they believe in their innocence at the conscious level.

If the prophets had said, “God forgives all sins”, it will would not be personnel or that the Almighty really cares.

*With Jesus, one has an image, a human connection, someone who had human feelings and was willing to go before God and said, “He paid your debt.”

When one accepts this gift at the emotional level, not just the logic aspect of the mind, they feel forgiveness and that Christ Jesus has cleaned their heart.

One’s essence is wiped clean.

Jesus was willing to shoulder the debt for mankind.

In order to receive this anointing, one accepts the offering, trusting Jesus included you on Good Friday.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little “circle”.

A circle has no gaps or breaks in its design.

The human can only be complete when God fills in the gaps.

All were born with an incomplete circle.

Believe God is the only One who can fill in the gap.

Christ will wait for eternity for your call.