Lost 18 Years of Jesus

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Dear Wisdom,

Please tell us about the lost 18 years of Jesus. Jesus was teaching in the temple at age 12. The next reference in Scripture speaks of Jesus at the age of 30. What happened to the 18 years in between? Did he travel and learn? Or have a normal life with wife and children? Why is there no mention made in the Bible for the majority of Jesus life? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The years from 12 to 30 were spent strengthening the body, mind and spirit.

He learned carpentry with his earth father, Joseph.

They were close.

He took trips to visit scholars who he heard about, joining fellow travelers.

To travel alone was not safe.

He spent time at the coast learning to fish and mend nets.

He learned from two of the wise men, who wanted to be a part of Jesus life

They came back in search of Jesus, once again, once he was old enough to learn the truth about the heavens.

They stayed until they died, challenging Jesus to expand his knowledge.

There were different religions where Jesus looked for a common thread of truth.

He went to India, learning from the old manuscripts and the monks that protected the written word.

Jesus observed that all religions prayed to God out loud, either by chanting, singing or saying prayers.

He became fascinated with vibration.

He learned the power of tone with the monks.

They taught him about healing the body and spirit, for if a person did not change their ways or vibration, the illness would surely come back.

This is why Jesus said after he healed a person, “Go and sin no more.”

He was telling them to change their vibration.

This could be done by changing the thoughts and by praising God through prayer, chanting and singing.

He was visited by angels often.

One came to Him to tell it was time to begin his public ministry and gather those that would spread the message.

There were not unattached women in public.

Jesus met Mary Magdalene through his aunt.

She was from nobility.

She also was visited by an angel.

She and Jesus mother were human, so it took some time to realize they both were needed to bring a sense of unity and love to support the challenges that came daily for Jesus.

The two women became best friends and Mary Magdalene took care of Jesus’s mother.

It helped to keep the memory of Jesus alive.

Jesus knew the time of the ministry would be short, but fulfilling the destiny God desired.

He chose to save the world.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome our little “seaweed”.

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It starts at the floor of the ocean and grows toward the light of the sun.

This type of seaweed can grow many feet.

It becomes shelter for fish and food for the sea life and humans.

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Seaweed is full of missing nutrients the human body needs.

Let seaweed be a healing component to heal it the body.

Seaweed is a gift from God.

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