How to Love Ourselves

Create By Us or Loving What Is

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to overcome a major challenge in life: self-love.

In YOUR recent missive: “Accepting love is a challenge when directed toward self , but one cannot give away that which they do not have.” (4/21/10)

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Self-love encompasses beyond the human jacket and includes the spiritual realm.

Ego runs the control buttons for mankind.

This energy does not promote self-love, kindness, generosity, grateful hearts or compassion.

Ego is the opposing player for the souls game of this season of eternity.

If a person only living and experiences the ego’s calling, self-doubt, criticism, judging and comparing will be the tools to work with and mastering life’s dramas.

Churches understood this concept.

They chose to use the guilt card to control and manage the population.

Women were feared for their unique powers which man are not gifted as natural instinct.

Men do not take give birth.
This was not their role in the scheme of life.

Man placed the curse on women through the power of subconscious hypnotism.

The claim was the need to suffer dramatically during childbirth.

The female healers of the era before the Bible and the subjugation of the female had herbs and exercises to ease the birth process.

The “horror” stories in the Life have illustrated a poor woman working in the rice fields having to squat down and give birth and expected to go back to work.

In the Western culture, this is horrifying.

The women view birth as a natural byproduct rather than a curse.

They exercise up to the moment of giving birth, keeping the systems maintenance in order.

The blood flow is healthy.

There is no edema.

The baby suckles the mother nutrients right away while the system re-regulates itself.

This is more natural then being bed ridden and pampered through the pregnancy.

Without the whole package of the soul with the ego, self-love is not a possibility.

The soul teaches that love comes from a different avenue then the ego.

A man that is considered disfigured can have more self-love than the reigning movie star.

*One looks beyond the human coat to discover the real authenticity of the self.

You are so much more than what is seen in a mirror.

When the truth sinks in that the Most High God is within your being wanting to explore wife with you, the world takes on a different outlook.

Rather than react to life dramas, one is experiencing the truth life holds.

Most think Reality is unfolding at them.

The truth is that Reality is unfolding for you.

You do not go through life alone and abandoned as the ego intimates.

The soul evolves through the lessons Reality presents for the ability to grow closer to that Divine Lord.

*You love self not because of the human trappings but because you are an extension of the Most High God.

Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

You are welcome our little “shamrock”.

Believe you have the power and luck to heal beyond the limitations of mankind assumptions.

Fix the souls lesson wanting to be gleaned and the body follows the new course.

You can never be more loved than the Lord God is expressing for you right now.