Utilize Our 3rd Eye

Utilize Our 3rd Eye

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand and fully utilize our 3rd eye. What is the 3rd eye? What is its function physically and spiritually in the body? You mentioned that we are born with a veil over our 3rd eye. Why? How can we remove the veil? How can we fully develop the potential of our 3rd eye? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The 3rd eye plays many roles.

One is the window for the soul.

People are born into human form without the memory of the spiritual essence.

Most don’t delve into this spiritual union or aspect that the person has.

Even religious and prayerful people place the Holy Realm outside themselves.

Removing the veil is done when a person chooses to let their ego stay in the background and allow the true essence to be called or brought forth.

This can be done in a “blink of an eye” or after much attention to the spiritual nature.

There are many avenues; meditation where the mind goes within repeating a mantra or in a state of blissful gratitude can help open the “window” or 3rd eye.

Depending on how many times one has reincarnated will determine how thick the veil actually is.

The 3rd eye is responsible for being the gateway to the soul or access to the spiritual world.

Care should be taken when delving into this supernatural world.

There needs to be balance.

You chose to reincarnate as a human for a purpose.

Few try to focus on the other side.

Belief in the knowingness of your divine potential helps unlock the latch of the window.

Belief is the foundation or bedrock of your life’s “hard drive”.

What do you truly believe?

Do you believe an outside of self-occurrence will appease the hunger for contentment?

Do you believe in your heart you are worthy to excel in the “soup base” of life?

Is the notion something outside of self will bring you peace of mind?

When the belief centers around the truth, you are complete and loved for who you are, then and only then will you find true peace of mind, body and spirit.

Most live in a world of distractions and falsehoods.

What were you brainwashed into believing will bring you happiness? A car, a home, a drug, an ice cream dessert?

Think of these distractions as pieces of plywood over the forehead, blocking the 3rd eye’s view.

The more ego drives the cravings, the less light to reach the 3rd eye.

Do you believe the window is stuck or opens easily?

Your beliefs determine the passage through life.

Do you believe the journey is hard or easy?

Your eyes see what you believe.

If you view life with pessimism, situations and stories will come into your realm to create the truth for you.

Do you see your self as getting old?

Aches and pains will crop up to facilitate the notion.

You will focus on what makes you feel ancient.

No, your beliefs run your life.

If you move, will it be more of a hassle or an exciting adventure.

People usually are just reactors to their beliefs.

Change your beliefs if you want a different outcome.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love in my heart.

            You are welcome “ little one”.

Beliefs are powerful tools.

Change a belief and change your life.

You are loved beyond your eternity.

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