One Stops Trying to Tell the Most High How to Live Life

One Stops Trying to Tell the Most High How to Live Life

Dear Wisdom,

Please provide us with future understanding of YOUR recent missive:

“One stops trying to tell the Most High how to live life…”

Are we puppets in the great Cosmos? Is the Most High the grand puppeteer? If so, then why are we needed? Shakespeare said: “ All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.”

We would like a better understanding of our role in life. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Again, the Most High is not the director, nor the scriptwriter of the person’s life cycle.

It is the spirit’s quest to speak the truth that is cloaked when advancing through the 3rd dimension.

The scripts were designed to unravel blockages in the belief system and energy field that has been weighted down by erroneous concepts that have accumulated through the growth of the soul.

Rather than developing a pure vibration to be able to join with the Almighty God, excess baggage is acquired through the ego’s system.

The ego has one belief. They, the human, thinks of themselves as little Gods of their own kingdom and all should know of their importance.

*The more the ego is given the reins, the more life is viewed with judgment and discontent.

Human existence is not supposed to be perfect nor will it ever be experienced, for this imperfection in the human viewpoint is actually perfect for the soul’s needs.

A person can consciously think there is a problem and goes no further for the truth.

Many times the subconscious is seeking release from a fester that plagues the soul.

The word picture could be similar to a mole in the yard.

A mound of dirt appears.

The owner tries to plug up the hole and more appear in different areas.

The same underlining cause of the problem but is showing up in different areas.

For the human, it is the same energy disguised as different separate concerns.

An alcoholic stops their drinking of alcohol only to become obsessive in another avenue because the root cause was never addressed.

*Loving reality means loving both the Lord God and self as is.

People are forever disappointed when they think the thought, “ if only x, y and z happens, I’ll be totally happy forever.

Why is this an illusion?

Because their happiness is based on human terms, which is ego driven.

Happiness is fleeting.

Joy is forever.

The first is conjured by the energy of imperfection where ego lives, and joy is the occurrence of the Divine Lord’s essence, which is unconditional love.

With ego, there will always be needs and a sense of not quite perfect.

*With God’s joy, there is completeness no matter the venue.

Witness the stories of people who by their peer standards have everything one could ever wish, for but are not as happy as a person who has found contentment and joy with the Creator of Life.

What is their secret of living life in the currents of joy?

*They have truly connected at the soul level with the Redeemer, the Master Builder of their life.

No longer do the ratings pertain to the human arena, which is fickle and an illusion.

They have eternal strength.

*As long as man bases their happiness on outer displays of human attractions, they are doomed to never being able to sustain the concept of happiness as when a person chooses the Divine Lord over ego.

They comprehend the true meaning of life’s dramas.

The Most High God does not create the human venue nor the human suffering, which is generated by mankind.

It is not God who is causing man’s misery.

It is man himself and also the spirits script writing who has the person arrived with specific glitches and drives.

As one is content in blaming the Lord God for human woes, they will never find joy that is theirs.

Life will be one long line of ego problem solving, broken up with spurts of conditional fleeting happiness.

*As long as irritations are not investigated for the soul’s interpretation, they will be plagued with different scenarios as the spirit’s calling card, not the Source of all Life.

God sees It’s creators as perfect.

It’s man that sees and creates imperfections.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome our little “peat moss”.

This green plant can warm the homes and be fuel for cooking.

On the surface, the area looks like a grass field.

Its value is beneath the surface.

Human value is beneath their “coat” and not outside the self.

Judging self worth by any human condition or possession will prove a falsehood.

Nurture the fires within to sustain a life full of joy.

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