Appreciation for Routines

A Spiritual Guide

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to develop a sense of appreciation for the routine daily activities in our lives.

In the Thornton Wilder play, “Our Town”, one person dies in their early 20s, then gets to sit outside a veil and watch the normal somewhat boring daily lives of her family and friends. She sees the beauty in those daily boring duties. Please help us to see the grandeur in all of life, not just the breathtaking sunsets.

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Nothing is boring for the souls.

If one thought today would be the last time to experience this irritating routine, the person might observe the importance the little duties play in the bigger scheme of one’s life.

The advancements that have been made for life’s convenience are taken for granted today.

Using outhouses was the mode of sanitation.

Now, there are indoor flushing toilets.

Think how much better and private bathrooms are today.

As the dishes are being washed, a heart of gratitude focuses on having dirty dishes because it means you have food to eat.

Much of the world will go to bed hungry.

Whenever you meet and converse with a friend, realize this could be the last opportunity to connect on the human level.

To be “awake”, one comprehends the bond between the soul and the human.

See life through both aspects of self.

The human has the ego energy for a partner; the soul is mostly ignored.

*It is the ego that has one tied to the concept of time.

The person feels “rushed” and spends most of their time planning the future and reliving the past.

Being present “now” takes training the mind and the ego.

To be one pointed takes practice because the person needs to slow down.

Many accidents happen when the person is thinking about the next step before they have taken the first.

*Experience life with fresh awareness.

The soul waits for the vector’s to align.

One works with the soul to be able to experience duties in real time.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in love.

            You are welcome little “duster”.

A duster gets rid of the cobwebs and dirt in the corners of the walls.

The room will feel cleaner.

Use a “duster” in the mind to rid self of old beliefs and dust gathered from negative musings.

Open the doors of the mind to let fresh ideas to enter.

Feel more alive with the clean breezes from the Divine Lord.

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