How To Tame our Ego?

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Dear Wisdom,

Please teach us how to tame our ego.

YOUR many missives have taught us about the wrestling match between ego and spirit.

“The ego wants to fight and conquer the soul. The soul wants the ego to assist the human.” 1/4/14

Please elaborate on how we can balance the ego and soul. How do we tame the ego, yet maintain some grasp on reality and make our lives a masterpiece. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The ego helps one survive in the 3rd dimension.

Without the ego, one would have no identity or sense of time.

The ego helps a human want to stay alive at all costs.

It is the soul that chooses to forfeit its life to save another.

The ego would want to save itself, but the soul wants to rescue their child from the burning building.

*One technique of taming the ego is to live with more compassion.

To practice compassion, the ego needs to be halted from trying to take the spotlight for themself.

The joke one wants to tell seems funny for the moment but would hurt the listener at the heart level.

Few people understand true humor.

Most comedians tell a joke at the expense of others.

Some tell a joke on himself, but if this is their routine, the subconscious is believing the falsehood until they actually start emulating the trait that has been a joke.

*Something else that can help tame the ego is to be kind to self after making a mistake.

When people become their worst critic, they stay stuck on the ego.

Children with bad behavior might just want the attention of the parents, especially if that is the only time they are noticed.

Complimenting the child’s good behavior and gently steering them away from the negative takes practice.

This is a life long journey.

Start with just one small step to begin this adventure.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome little “shade”.

A shade covers a light to protect the eyes from the bright light.

The human body shades the soul.

Know the soul is there, it’s just shaded.

Work with both the ego and soul for a balance that will help guide the journey for eternity.

Let the compass be guided by Wisdom.

How to tame our ego xxx