Understand the “Christ” in Jesus

Understand the “Christ” in Jesus

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand the “Christ” in Jesus.

Jesus was born “Jesus of Nazareth”.

“Christ” literally translates into the “anointed one”.

When did Jesus become Jesus the “anointed one”?

Anointed by whom?

To do what?

Was it at the birth, life, temptations or resurrection that Jesus became “the anointed one”?

Can we all aspire to the lofty accomplishments of Jesus?

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


You can think of the meaning as “Jesus the Spark”.

He showcased the Divine that is in all humans.

He was anointed as in referring that Jesus would be the example, the embodiment of the Creator within the human DNA.

One can become like Jesus when they raise the vibration energy field to encompass more love and joy, less ego driven plays demanding the center role.

More serving with love then chest-beating roars.

Jesus taught heaven and hell were within also.

That the God of all resides in the center of your being.

There isn’t a breath taken without assistance from your Creator.

All are unique.

All have their own frequency of light to shine and share with the world.

Even housebound individuals can give of their energy through focusing on others and giving of their vibration through prayer work.

You do not need to search for a treasure outside of self.

You cannot buy the priceless gift.

It is yours for the unwrapping and putting the energy first to guide and teach you more about the Most High.

One needs to trust in God and themself.

Love unconditionally without exception.

When moving through lessons, life unfolds for the soul’s growth.

It can be a human challenge to love the tool that is the teacher for you.

Give thanks for the experience and learn how it will facilitate in drawing nearer to the Almighty.

Once the class is fully completed, there is no need to remain attached to the example of a lack of love.

Jesus was the lighthouse that shined the light within for all to see.

All have this beacon within.

Some have a drop cloth over this energy.

Some dismiss the light as useless.

You decide how much of a distance your light will shine.

Jesus showed that the fuel to power this source of brilliance was love.

It is up to you to decide how much of a shine will emanate from within.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joyful love.

You are welcome “treasured one” with the love that is a constant source of life.

Sip from this nectar to grow more alive.

Let your light shine without conditions.

All can be helped by this frequency.

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