Fools Despise Wisdom & Discipline

Fools Despise Wisdom & Discipline

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to fully grasp the value of the teachings in the Book of Proverbs: 7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

What does it mean? Why must we “fear” the Lord? Is there a better word then “fear”, which brings up very negative connotations? What is meant by “ knowledge”? Is this book learning, or degrees from college?

Thank YOU for a better understanding of this passage.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


“The fear of the Lord” is stating: don’t take God for granted.

If one waters down the Lords power, and makes God gentle in the minds of humans, there is weakness.

Man wants the most powerful leader on his side.

A child truly does not want their parents to be just like a playmate, when sick or need help with school.

They want the parents to know everything and feel safe.

They want one who can scare away monsters from under the bed and banish them forever.

This verse is stating a fear that is healthy.

Snakes are beneficial.

When one hears the sound of a rattle in the desert or walking on a trail, one becomes aware of the possibility of a rattlesnake in the area. They become alert to danger because they have knowledge of the possibility of being bitten.

One wouldn’t it care if they did not know. Knowledge saved their life.

*God is so powerful man cannot even begin to understand.

God’s essence is unconditional love also.

A person can become intimate with God’s love and also fear the amount of power in a healthy way.

When people think all God’s nature is just love, they think of a parent who is overindulgent and undisciplined.

They let the child get away with even murder, allowing them to pay no consequences.

This is unhealthy parenting.

A parent is not supposed to give a child everything they want.

If demanding the desire is to drive when 12 years old and are allowed on a busy highway, the chances of injury or death are a real possibility.

A healthy relationship between a parent and child is love and fear.

With God, there is love and a healthy dose of fear because one cannot comprehend their actions will affect the soul’s journey through eternity.

Many humans could care nothing about the cause and effect of their actions.

They want something and want it now!

If the parent won’t put healthy fear in their child, he will try driving when they are not looking or pet the snake.

*Love God but also have a healthy level of fear for the Creator’s awesome power that can create miracles.

The reason God might say “no” is to protect the soul from your actions that have unknown results to the human.

Fearing God means that human will stay alive longer for the souls work on their mission.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.           

            You are welcome, our little knot.

Knots help secure a needle with the two ends of the thread. This knot makes it possible to start sewing items together.

Without a knot, there would be no sewing.

This string doesn’t like the tension. It wants to be free. This is an analogy.

One needs balance.

Give God love and fear. This is an oxymoron. Here is where trust comes in.

You fear God because it means giving up control, but you trust everything that happens is for the soul.

This means some of one’s dreams will come true. It is not because of God’s lack of love, but because of God’s love.

Place your trust in God to take care of you always, and has nothing but unconditional love for you and your soul.