Play the Game of Life?

Play the Game of Life?

Dear Wisdom,

Please elaborate on YOUR recent missive: “It is time to start playing the game of life.” 7/1/13

What game? What rules? Are there winners and losers? How do we play this game? Is the game fairly played?

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


The game of life is individually played.

You are not challenged by anyone else.

It is actually why the soul came to earth.

The soul wants to play with God.

The human takes life too seriously.

The focus for most is to gather more money, no matter how much they have.

The more money gathered, the more powerful they are viewed.

The soul’s needs are not seen as important to the human.

They believe they are the center of their universe.

Life is taken so seriously.

From a soul’s point of view, a human life is but a blink of the eye.

Some humans see life as one tragedy followed by another.

Some live life as if it is supposed to be perfect.

Life cannot be perfect.

It was never meant to be perfect.

*Living life as a game takes the pressure off of trying to be perfect and failing.

Start playing the game by not taking oneself so seriously.

Instead of rating with a system of pass or fail, right or wrong, see life as an opportunity to play with the soul.

There are no thoughts that start with: “I should, or I have to.”

Instead, the game of life starts with thinking, “I could” or “I might choose”.

Feel the difference of these thoughts.

The first two have branded the feeling of guilt and being wrong until something is done that is rated as right.

Playing a game conjures up an image of having fun.

It also has an image of not being so serious.

How is life viewed, with a lot of “shoulds” and feeling like a weight on one’s shoulders?

What if one discovered whatever way they lived life, the soul would learn from the choices made.

*When one treats life as a game with God as their partner, the feelings are of joy instead of duty.

Why not play the game of life with God today?

Everyone is a winner.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with lots of love.

            You are welcome little “pearl”.

A pearl is formed from a problem in the body of the clam.

The irritation keeps trying to be covered up for protection.

When the clam is open, a pearl was formed.

Pearls are considered very valuable.

It was created from a problem.

Humans do not see irritations in life as what will become a pearl.

They just want to get rid of the agitation.

If you have a problem that can’t go away, see it as your pearl that is constantly growing harder and more valuable.

The pearl is a gift from God.

Every pearl can have luster and an iridescent quality.

That depends on one’s coating of the problem.

The pearl isn’t the problem.

The attitude is what creates the iridescent quality.

The human is the way a soul can create a pearl.

The attitude will determine its luster.

Every day is a chance to have the pearl grow.

Why not make it a game with God.

How big can one grow their pearl?

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