Dance With God

Dance With God

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on your recent missive: “When one starts dancing with God as their partner they move on the currents of joy.” (11/6/12)

Please tell us how to “dance with God”. How do we move on the “currents of joy”? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


When one dances with God, they focus on their “Partner”.

The ego is not allowed to cut in.

When your Partner sees you with eyes of unconditional love, there is a sense of acceptance not felt in the 3rd dimension.

*Unless the person realizes the void within is the feeling of being unplugged from God, they will spend their life looking for something to cover the hole.

A wise man recognizes the craving is from the soul. As a soul enters a human vehicle, their recall of God is faint but enough to crave more.

If a human is willing to assist the soul, the ego is more active, trying to derail this course.

One must be persistent.

If one is serious in the quest, in remembering their connection with their true dance partner, the ego needs to be tamed.

Some have allowed the ego energy to control their life.

All of life is vibration.

*The souls are trying to expand their vibrational range for absorbing more of God.

The ego uses human emotions and senses that are negative for its fuel. It has no emotional attachment, rather, it just wants to feel itself.

The human who dances with God craves the Light.

At this vibrational energy, a person sees the bigger picture of the theater of life.

They realize life is perfect with its imperfections.

The focus is not solely magnified on self.

There is a sense of freedom and they want God to be their life’s Dancing Partner.

One realizes they have held the ballroom dance floor within and their dance Partner waits patiently to dance with you.

So far, the dance card has been full of distractions.

*To dance on the music of joy, one needs to prepare for the dance of their life.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, in love.

            You are welcome, little Knee Pads.

To polish the crevices, one can use kneepads and spend time scrubbing the grime away.

When finished, the floor will shine.

Many think that inviting God to dance is the same as asking God into your life.

To dance with the Source of All Life takes some preparation time for most will need to raise the vibrational range.

It begins with not being attached solely to the “I” identification.

Most think the music to start dancing begins at death.

There is no need to wait.

You can start dancing now with your Dance Partner.

As you become more proficient, a ballroom floor is needed.

One is happy to create that space for God.