Better Tolerate Stress

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to better tolerate stress in our lives. Scientists now have hundreds of studies showing that psychological stress induces mental and physical diseases. Scripture says, “Peace I leave with you not as the world gives peace.” Life accelerates and changes rapidly. You have blessed us with a unique island of sanity in our hectic world; yet we still need your guidance. How do we have the peace of Jesus when life can be hectic, chaotic and unpredictable?

Thank you.

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Stress is a human signal to stay alert. The body’s reaction is helpful for dangerous situations. It becomes excessive when a person becomes as stressed watching a football game urging the team they favor as needed when running away from a predator. Life is filled with tension when one’s tools are only human manufactured. When ego is in control spirit is silent. Dealing with stress through the human avenue increases the tension. Tapes are repeated over and over adding more criticism and judgment to the focused area.

To manage stress, the perception is derived from the spiritual realm. Human glasses distort the reality of a situation. With this viewpoint, one assumes they comprehend what another is thinking and feeling. They are mirroring their own beliefs creating scenarios in the mind that are imagined. When one loves reality there is comprehension.

Life is a vehicle to teach self love. A situation is viewed from a different perspective life becomes a game of insight. There is no longer stress rehashing a slight perception. You view the comment from an awareness of looking for self discovery. Find how you’d treat self in a same ormat.

If the world is seen as a giant reflector, what growth is the soul wanting the spirit to — wanting the spirit. You are spirit foremost. The human vessel is but a coat to cover the soul while it learns lessons about the creator’s essence. The vibration is of the purest form. Soul’s goal is to merge with this frequency. This takes eons.

View life through the awareness of this joint partnership. Life becomes less stressful and more aware of the now time. Instead of the belief you are — you — instead of the belief you go into combat against reality there is the awareness of unfolding into acceptance of more self love. This is not the human narcissistic form. This is the freedom to expose the heart for more spiritual love.

Human love comes with conditions. God’s love has no conditions. Human’s perception is one of stress. The soul’s choice is the freedom with love is the fuel for life.

Thank you so much Wisdom, in joy.

You are welcome precious one in the love that has always and will always surround you. This energy is what completes your being. Live from this platform of awareness.

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