Without Going Outside, One Can Know World

Without Going Outside, One Can Know World

Dear Wisdom,

Please explain the passage in the Tao de Ching:  “ Without going outside one can know the whole world. Without looking out the window one can see the ways of having. The farther one goes the less one knows. Thus the Sage does not go, yet he knows. He does not look, yet he sees. He does not do, yet all is done.”  (verse 47)

Care to comment, Wisdom?


This passage talks about when a person uses their mind to go within. When one practices meditation, the desire is to “seek the kingdom within”. It is not found at the conscious level. There can be no multitasking or letting the mind drift. There can be no impatience or a sense of  “hurry up”. When one travels within while meditating, they can connect with the spiritual realm.

*The main reason for human life is to allow the spirit access to the senses.

*When one connects with their spirit, a sense of peace that is not found in the 3rd dimension is experienced.

There is a whole different world that one has the option to explore. Going within is available to all. Most do not want to take the time to train the ego or practice being one pointed in their thoughts. As one goes further into meditation, they are allowed more access to the spiritual realm. One can never fully know this whole new world. Even the souls vibrations do not encompass the full range of God’s light.

*No matter how deep a human or soul explores the inner world, there is more to learn for God never stops creating.

This verse of the Tao is explaining the opportunity that waits within.       

           Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little explorer.

Explore the world within, to discover the greatest treasure of all time.